If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, January 16, 2015

My daughter's thrifty laundry room re-do

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My daughter is a busy working mom with 2 little ones and another son due this spring.  To get ready for an even busier season of life, she is doing a multi week home de-clutter and organization challenge Facebook group thing.  The first weeks assignment was their kitchens.
This week's challenge was the laundry area.   

I don't have a complete "before" photo but here are the highlights 

First, she had some boxes she wanted to use for children's art supply storage. She thought about covering them with fabric but my fabric stash didn't have enough of any coordinating fabrics for all 4 boxes.
Then I remembered all this roll gift wrap that I bought at Hobby Lobby at least 5 years ago. The rolls are very long and the paper is almost too sturdy for one time gift wrapping.
Since their laundry room was already painted gray, she used the the black and white prints.
I think the covered boxes look so pretty and they really hold lots of stuff like glue and crayons and tape.
The only thing she spent money on was for these new laundry hampers.  She added their photos to help with sorting. 4 year old Elizabeth even told 1 year old JJ where he was supposed to put his dirty laundry. 
These hampers have a solid shelf on top that should be a good surface for laundry folding.
Their washer and dryer is not new, just cleaned off and decluttered.
She moved her heat press to the cabinet between the 2 appliances - its a perfect fit too. She uses the heat press to add custom designs to clothing and accessories.
 This space on the wall was damaged from an old rack. They didn't have any of the gray paint so they painted a big almost black square there to use as a faux bulletin board.

Here's the AFTER in one photo.

Really nice job I think! 

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