If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Got it done! Well, mostly done........

I normally do my big housecleaning on Monday but this week has been off that schedule.
I worked hard on the to do list I posted yesterday and actually completed all of it - except the ironing. 
All the cleaning, cooking and errands are done!

My trusty tiny helper make me a big batch of taco seasoning.  I've been using this recipe from AllRecipes.com for years.  It is so much better than store bought.  The jar will get shook up and mixed well but for now, it looks like sand art.

recipeTaco seasoning recipe
I made this amount times 3 to fill up a quart job. 
One very heaping Tablespoon seasons a pound of ground beef for tacos.

I also stopped at my favorite thrift store before I picked up JJ from preschool. The preschool and thrift store are not far apart. I haven't been thrift shopping since before Christmas.

I spent $10.88 and was very happy to get a lot of boys clothes.  Boys are hard on their clothes and the older boys get, it seems the selection for them at thrift stores is a lot less.
Stack on the left is 5 shirts all boys size 2-3.  
Right side is a nice pair Lee cargo jeans (slim and with the waist band adjusters perfect for my slim grands) and 3 size 5 shirts

2 girls shirt and 1 girl pants

4 newborn onesie outfits

2 boy sleepers

3 really nice GAP boy shirts.
 I was cutting off all the price tags and grandson Braeden got excited about the Orange shirt with vehicles on it. 

My daughter is still working on her home organization challenge. This week's assignment is the pantry. Her pantry is only 4 pull out drawers so she did it quickly and is already working on next week's Master Bedroom.

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