If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More projects and more CVS

Hello - I stayed busy all Monday with housework and errands and I'm thankful our home is clean again and the kitchen is stocked.  
I did not do any deals at CVS last week but I did fill a prescription and it was enough to earn a $5 ECB so I started this week with $15 in ECBs.  
I wanted to get candy to pass out and I wanted to do a toothpaste deal as I had coupons and also a $4/$14 CVS coupon.  
I bought 10 bags of candy.  They were $3 a bag, and I used $2/3 coupons from the newspaper a few weeks ago and a $1.50 CVS app coupon.  I earned $10 in ECB for buying then ($5 ECB for $15, limit 2 per household)
These Colgate twin packs were $7.79.  I needed to purchase $14 or more to use the CVS app coupon for $4/14 and this seemed like the best deal to me. I also used $2 off each pack and earned $2 ECB on each. 
I also used a $10 gift card that I earn every 3 months for doing a weather survey for a university. 
That brought my cash spent total down to $5.08 and I got back $14 ECBs.  

CVS has an app that they are using to link up customers with coupons, prescriptions, rewards, etc.  I have it on my iPad and it is very useful.  So if you are wanting to maximize CVS savings, I suggest you try it.  

Sewing- bandana style baby bibs - I found a number of free printable patterns and tutorials to make them.  
I sewed up 7 little bibs quite fast but didn't have a baby here to try them on, so I put one on this Cabbage Patch doll.  He is a vintage CP, he first belonged to my children and now is loved by my grands.  
I used either flannel or terry cloth on the backs for absorbency,  Buttons for the closures.  

Below are the other 6 bandana style bibs.  

I also altered a purchased costume to fit that sturdy 5 month old grandson.  
It's a crocodile.  The tail was attached to the back but he couldn't be safely buckled into his car seat with that in the way.  So I removed the tail and handstitched the opening closed.  The legs were too long so I shortened them.  Then I used that cut off pants bottoms to make a waist band to snap the tail onto the little crocodile.  The hood was a bit loose so I added more Velcro under the chin so it can be fastened a bit tighter.  
So, if you have a costume that needed some resizing, I say just do it.  This job was not hard and it's just a costume! 

I wrapped a few more clothes hanger for me.  I wear skirts a lot.  I like to hang them up with clothes pins on hangers, and when the hangers are cloth-wrapped, the clothes pins stay put nicely.  
I use sturdy wire hangers, fabric glue and fabric strips.  I just used scraps in the past but I found this roll of pink polka dot bias binding in my Mom's cast off pile so I used it.  

What do think of my nails?  I put on a set of press on nails from Dollar Tree.  My husband really likes them and the $1 price tag is great.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Deanna, I discovered your blog through your comment and I really like your blog style

  2. First off, fantastic CVS shopping!
    I love love love the bandana bibs. They would be great for kids who still need a little clothes protection but don't want to wear a bib.
    The nails do not look like press ons. I am going to Dollar Tree today and will be looking for those.

    1. Thank you Anne. Jackson wore a bandana bib today, it looks much nicer than a traditional bib. I laughed when I saw him as he sort of looks like a miniature old west cattle rustler or bank robber :)

  3. Love the job you did on the Halloween costume. He will look adorable! I have never seen a bandana bib before. Looks fast and easy to make! Would be great to make ahead for a baby shower.

    1. Thank you Vickie, the bandana bibs would be great shower gifts. They were very fast to sew up.

  4. Beautiful nails. Can you let us know if they stay on over time? Lovely!

    The bibs are so cute!

  5. Those bibs are cute! I might need to make a few for our future little one! Look easy to make.

  6. Wow, you got such good deals. I have a friend that does the whole CVS/Walgreens thing and she cleans up. It's a true talent though, I'd be overwhelmed with all the variables.
    Love your sewing. Bibs are so cute and you did a great job on the gator. BTw, your press-ons look real! Good job!


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