If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, February 29, 2016

Winding up February

Hello everyone- here is what's been happening here.

Meal prep seems to be all the rage and it truly is a good time and money saver.

So, last Monday,  I pulled some fresh produce from the fridge and spent about 20 minutes making a big salad,  chopped veggies to add to tuna salad and cottage cheese and sliced veggies for sandwiches.  I always put drippy veggies like tomatoes and pickles in their own dish as they don't play well with the other fresh veggies.  

We liked them so much!  By Friday they were all gone so I made up another batch.
Another big salad and an even bigger box of sandwich vegetables.  

Another meal prep that is not glamorous is opening ice trays, making iced tea and orange juice.  
Having all these foods ready just makes meals go so much easier.  

Spring cleaning
Our fridges were in need of a deep cleaning and organizing.  It took a good hour but I got both of them done.
I sorted the condiments and added labels to the shelves with masking tape and a marker.  
If the labels work out,  I may get something more Pinterest-worthy in the future.  

My husband and I cleaned out the back of our clothes dryer.  We don't think the dryer has been moved since we got it several years ago.  
And Man, Did It Need a Cleaning!  
We filled up the canister on our vacuum cleaner twice during this job.  
My husband took the back off the dryer and disconnected the vent hose as they were full of lint too.  
We know all this lint was a fire hazard and just gross.  

I went to CVS once last week and after coupons, a 20% coupon from the mail and $20 in EXtraCareBucks,  I spent NO cash at all for 
2 laundry detergent
3 granola bars
1 foundation
1 toothpaste 
And 1 Men's Razor

My favorite thrift store had a $5 a bag clothing and shoes sale.  
I filled up 2 bags with children's clothes.  I got lots of play clothes, pants and shirts mostly for the 3 youngest grandsons as they are messiest and need fresh clothes often.  
One day last week,  baby Jackson needed 4 pair of clean pants in about an hour span.  I didn't have anymore clean ones in his size and was about to send my husband to Walmart to buy some.  I looked hard and found some 2 sizes up that worked in a pinch.  
So I am especially thankful to of added 6 more pair in his size.  
To get the maximum clothes into one bag,  fold them or roll them up as smooth as possible.  I learned that trick from a friend I used to see at a biannual church rummage sale that also sold things by the bag full. 

I made 4 matching outfits for my 3 grand daughters and my daughter in law's niece who is just about the same age as Andie.
Th white leggings were ordered from Amazon.  

In the dining room,  I hung up some silhouettes my mother cross stitched in the 1960s  and paper silhouettes I made of the 2 oldest grands when they were toddlers.  
I was very impressed that Kindergartener Elizabeth and 1st grader Gavin knew that the first silhouette is George Washington and the first President of the USA.  

Family Fun
Andie turned 4 and her parents hosted a wonderful party to celebrate.

And Very Big News is we are expecting Grandchild #8.  
He is a boy and will have Andie and Charlie for his big sisters.   
We are all thrilled! 


  1. You have certainly been busy! The outfits are adorable and congrats on grandbaby #8. How exciting!

  2. congratulations!!!! wonderful news!!!

  3. Adorable outfits you sewed!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on grandchild #8 coming! What a joy!

  4. I need to make a big bowl of salad and prep the many veggies in the frig from our Bountiful Basket that came on Saturday. I love having everything ready to pull out and assemble when it's needed.
    I bet your dryer works tons better with the lint cleaned out. Greg recently had to replace our dryer hose which was several years old.
    Love those outfits for the girls. You've inspired me to get out some fabric and make something for Miss Layla for summer. :)
    Eight grandchildren! You're a lucky girl.

  5. You have been a busy beaver. I like to prepare as many veggies ahead of time as possible. I don't get to all of them but if I wash the cukes, lettuces, tomatoes, apples, and a few other things. It really helps make sure I get my greens (almost) every day.

    The little outfits you made are very sweet and it looks like you got some great deals to stretch the dollars. Happy month of March to you!

  6. Looks like you had a great February. Love the matching outfits! And congratulations on the new addition!

  7. I love the meal prep-especially how you did the tomatoes seperately. I wish I had it done last night but I was too tired. I'll get busy today

    The outfits you sewed are adorable! Have a great day!

  8. Congratulations on your soon-to-arrive grandson! Meanwhile, the little outfits you made for the girls are just darling!
    Blessings, Leigh

  9. You have been a busy girl! Love the food prepping. I might have to give that a whirl. The girls outfits are absolutely adorable Rhonda. Very cute. And congratulations on baby #8. I don't think it is remotely possible to have too many grandchildren. Very exciting.

  10. The veggies look yummy, the outfits are so cute and congrats. That is so exciting.

  11. I love those outfits! I really love sewing, as well, and the most fun is for little girls, for me!

    I love how you prepared your veggies and cleaned your fridge. It's interesting how such a little thing, such as a container of veggies, can inspire me to be more organized and make me hungry for healthy food. The one container screams "hamburgers or sandwiches" to me as well as salad. How handy!

    My fridge is clean, too. It's a wonderful feeling.

  12. This has to be one of my favorite posts by you. They are all good but this one just jumped out at me as having lots of brilliant ideas I needed reminding of. I'd never thought to pre-prep all the veggies for the week like that. I've tried other ways, but it just never worked. I love the idea of "drippy" veggies in a separate container and your fridge looks amazing.

    As a child of former Salvation Army ministers, I know exactly what you mean with the thrift store bag tricks of rolling things tightly. I remember the days when it would be a big brown paper grocery bag and we could get so much stuff in there! We don't have those around here much anymore - the bag sales. I miss that.

    Thanks for sharing your brilliance! :)

  13. Congrats on another grandone! How blessed you are! I enjoyed this post and reading all you have been up to! You're a wonderful homemaker, Rhonda!


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