If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The last 10 days or so.......

We pick up grandson JJ one day a week at his preschool.  One of his classmates had a birthday and the classmate brought these super cute Super Hero capes for everyone.  JJ was so happy with his and he wore it continually.
The capes were made so nice and were a completely no-sew project.  They were cut out of felt for the cape and the circle and star ironed on with a fusible.
The closure was Velcro attached with fabric glue and it held just fine.

I still like doing my manicures at home with press on nails. 
I found these cute sets over the weekend at Dollar Tree.  They need a glue to hold them on but I don't like Dollar Tree glue.  
I wore the black and white polka dot set first.  

Then today, I switched to another Dollar Tree set, a French manicure look with a tiny silver stripe.  
I also like the Impress brand nails that have adhesive already on them.

We haven't done much shopping but my husband got these USMC goodies and a few other things when his favorite Marine store was having a moving sale.

He paid $6.50 for this mug and shirt.

As usual, I cooked a lot. 

Silver dollar pancakes and oven baked bacon cooked when grandsons Gavin and Braeden were here. They requested bacon AND sausage but I think one meat at a time is plenty.
I cooked extra pancakes to freeze for future breakfasts.  

Sandwich buns - I make a batch of them just about every week 

My Texas brother was visiting and we all met up at my parents retirement home.  Pizza was delivered for the main course and I took Cheese Squares and some dip and fresh vegetables cut up. Both dishes were empty when I came home.

I have mostly  loosely been following the Trim Healthy Mama plan as I try to lose some weight and not need blood pressure medicine anymore. 
These next 3 are Trim Healthy Mama approved recipes.  You can find them on my Pinterest under "eating my way" 
These are some sausage cheese balls I found on Pinterest that were delicious and a keeper.

This is a recipe called Dirt E Rice by the Coers family.  I really like this and my son in law is crazy about it.  

Below is Egg Roll in a Bowl.  

I've been making this Taco Seasoning from allrecipes.com for more than 10 years.  This a batch for my daughter.

We are having spring like weather even though it is still winter.
My husband, JJ and I enjoyed a picnic lunch in our backyard.  It's especially nice to eat outside this time of year as the pesky flying insects aren't around yet.  
Oklahoma is home to many many bugs, ick! 

Then, my husband put 2 chickens on his rotisserie.  
His grilled food is so good and his chicken is my favorite. 

I added some green beans, homemade rolls and fresh strawberries.
Then we packed it all in a big ThirtyOneGifts tote and took it to my parents for supper.

It is a simple plain menu but when I cook for a group, especially for 4 generations with different food preferences and dietary needs, basic food just suits us all best.  

Believe it or not, I haven't been to CVS since I last blogged.  

We've also been busy doing some more cleaning and organizing at home.  
I've done a little sewing but nothing I photographed.  

That's about it!  Nothing crazy exciting but I prefer it that way.  


  1. Your portable meal looked delicious. I think the simpler the better for groups. It makes it easier for any and all special diets to eat.
    I keep meaning to tell you but I forget each time that I love your loaf pans. I hope I can find several of them during yard sale season.

  2. Your nails are so pretty. I would never know they were fake nails!
    That's what I'm striving for too Rhonda to not need blood pressure medicine on THM. That gives me the reason to stay on plan most days!

  3. Love the nails---I also would of thought them yours! Looks nice to be eating out. We have had some nice weather too. Can't wait to be out more. Have a few things in the garden sprouting but will see. Could still frost and rain can rot it. Trying to get the jump on peas. The guys have plans for a lot more with Allen retired.

  4. I love the cape. Thanks for sharing.

    Those cheese balls look similar to the ones I have been making for 40+ years. We love them.

    I'm coming to visit. Your food looks so delicious. I make sandwich buns too. Would you share your recipe? Yours look so wonderful.

    I wish you the best of luck getting your blood pressure down. I have managed to get off of 3 prescriptions just by eating healthier and exercising. It makes a huge difference.

    I love the tote!

  5. I agree that it's preferable not to have a crazy-exciting life! I try to keep my life as calm and peaceful as possible, but we all know things don't go as planned all of the time. ;-) I will have to check out some of your recipes on Pinterest. I've been eating clean (no preservatives, chemicals, hydrogenated oils, MSG, excess sodium, nitrates; no fast food) for a few years now. Last year, my husband and I also gave up processed sugar. We've both lost weight (my husband didn't really need to)...I'm at my lowest weight now that I've been in 28 years! I'm back down into a size 12. I'd been wearing 14's for years. When my kids were little, I was in size 18. More good news is that both mine and my husband's blood pressure has also decreased. We both used to be on 10 mg of lisonpril; now we're both on 5 mg. Our goal is to get off of the med completely. Exercise also greatly helps. My husband works out most everyday for an hour - has since he was a teen, so this is no biggie to him. I do yoga every day at home, plus try to either fit in a walk or dancing or even just good ol' jumping jacks, lunges and squats. Now that winter is over, I park at the end of parking lots so I have to walk further into and out of stores. Have a great weekend, Rhonda!

  6. My friend what some yummy cooking going on. I love it! Cheese squares look great.

  7. I haven't bothered with my nails in years, but seeing your pretty easy manicure makes me almost want to give it a shot *laugh*. I also love the shots of your food. I want to eat at your place for sure. The chicken and the rolls look yummy! Having lived off of soup the last couple of days being sick it looks doubly amazing :).

  8. I love your food! There's just nothing like good, basic, yummy food to make everyone happy. It's amazing your nails look so good from the dollar store. I, also, gave up painting my nails around child #3 (of 8). I keep thinking that "someday" I'll have time for things like that and the Lord blesses us with another child to adopt. Hmmmmmm. Do they stay on when you do dishes and work in the garden? (I really am quite ignorant about those kind of nails, but I do think they look pretty and $1 would be affordable)

  9. If you just lived closer I could have a break from cooking and come eat at your house.

    The nails are cute and the cape is so sweet.

  10. I picked up some nails the other day, but haven't had time to put them on yet. I love acrylics, but they ruin my real nails and it takes months for them to recover. Plus, too, they're expensive. Anyway, you've inspired me to give DIY a try.

  11. The chicken looks amazing! We eat pretty basic around here. The thing is basic doesn't mean it won't be yummy. Cute cape! I will have to remember that as a little boy birthday gift.

  12. The chicken looks amazing! We eat pretty basic around here. The thing is basic doesn't mean it won't be yummy. Cute cape! I will have to remember that as a little boy birthday gift.

  13. The Southern Plate version of that dirty rice is one of my go to recipes and we love it too.

  14. Your food looks delicious and I'm going to look up the recipes on your Pinterest. I love your nails, too! I can't see paying salon prices but I do like to have nice looking nails.


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