If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, August 1, 2016

CVS haul and some tips for US CVS shoppers and baby RJ

Hello! I have been just busy the last 10 days helping with my grands and then my husband had some mouth surgery.  But things are settling down, everyone is fine and I'm getting back to more routine things.  

Here is a bunch of information about how I shop at CVS- as requested- but if you're not into CVS, just scroll to the bottom for sweet photo of baby RJ.  ❤️

I went to CVS today.  This was $57 before coupons, $26 after and I got back $16 in CVS ExtraCareBucks to spend next time.  
The Tide, Dawn and Puffs are all on sale and offer $10 back when you spend $30.
I had printable $2 Tide coupons from Coupons.com and .25 on the Dawn from the same place.  
Haagen Doz ice cream was 2/$7.  I used $1 coupons on each from a recent Sunday insert and got back $3 for each 2. 
Special K was $1.99 I used 2 coupons from the CVS website.  One was for $2/2 Special K and one was $1.  I also had a CVS red box coupon for $1/ any 3 cereals. 
Gold Emblem nuts were $1. I used a $2/2 Gold Emblem nuts coupon printed from the CVS website.   

My receipt and my EXtraCareBucks for next time.  

Tips for CVS 
I plan deals ahead looking at the future CVS ads at IHeartCVS.com 

I look at other CVS shoppers on YouTube.  
My favorite YouTuber is LASavings8.  She is brief and gets the deals across without a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.  She usually posts her deals Sunday morning about 9 a.m. CST  She has already put up a video about this week's deals but she won't have videos for the next 2 weeks as she will be on her honeymoon.  
On YouTube, I also watch 
SavingWithJanandShirl The Coupon Queens
Thrifty & Thriving 
Couponing with Toni - she is really good and might be most helpful to CVS beginners 

For all CVS shopper - get a CVS card and then go on the CVS website and sign up to be in Beauty Bucks (you'll be rewarded $5 in EXtraCareBucks for every $50 spent on beauty products and this is before coupons.  The reward comes about 48 hours after your purchases reach $50)
Also sign up for the prescription rewards if you will fill prescriptions at CVS.  
Get the CVS app on any smart device like an Android phone, iPad, iPod or iPhone and check for App only coupons after you link your CVS card to it.  
Scan your CVS card weekly at a CVS redbox card scanner.  (Not the movie rental kiosk but a kiosk inside CVS) scann your card until it quits printing CVS personal coupons.  These will be based on what you previously purchaed.  You could get 10-20 a week and they vary widely like $5/25 any diaper purchase or $2 off $6 any Listerine.  They change weekly.m
The CVS coupons can be combined with Manufacturer coupons.  
Also sign up your email with CVS to get coupons.  I usually get an email the first part of the week for something like $2 off any cosmetic or shampoo.  I usually get emails on Thursday and they will have a CVS coupon for something like $6/30 any purchase or 30% off any non-sale items.  

I also belong to a few CVS Facebook groups to see what other shoppers are getting.  Some of them are very busy lists and I just scan over the posts before I go shopping to make sure I am matching up everything,  
Couponing at CVS is my favorite Facebook group.  

Newspaper coupons - I usually have a few multiples as I subscribe to 2 Sunday papers.  My parents save their coupons and I think my dad usually scrounges up a few extras that he finds at their retirement home. Also, my brother saves his coupons for me and he has access to several papers as part of his job.   If you know someone who subscribes to papers but doesn't coupon, chances are they would be happy to save the inserts.  
Also, if you want to buy a Sunday paper or several for the coupons, Dollar Tree sells newspapers for $1.

I know this all sounds like a lot of hoops to jump through, but once I learned how,  I really enjoy doing it.  And I really like having a big supply/stockpile of most every product we like, bought for very little.  

And here is professional photo of grand #8,  baby RJ ❤️
Thank you all for your sweet greetings about him from my last post.  
And doesn't he have such pretty baby hair? 

Have a good August everyone 


  1. Oh! He looks just like a little angel. How sweet! You certainly know your way around the CVS store, Rhonda! I always wondered how people got such great bargains, thanks for explaining it. It looks like it would be a fun hobby. I wonder if any other stores have such deals. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up!


  2. Oh my goodness, he is absolutely adorable! Squeeze those cheeks for me!

  3. Oh that little smile your grandson is gorgeous! You are so blessed!

  4. Oh he does look like his daddy! Rhonda I'm going to save this post to share on my Weekend Reading, as I think it's a great instructional post (plus you have all the links too) for those who have been following Frugal Boot Camp posts. You do so well at CVS...I was going thru coupons when John got ready to go this morning and though I thought I did okay at CVS today I could have done very well indeed if I'd had coupons with me. I'm seriously considering returning to the store on Thursday to work out more deals...

  5. gorgeous baby hair....so much of it! Beautiful photo of your lil one.

  6. He has beautiful hair. He is so sweet.

    Thanks for the reminders on CVS shopping and the sites to help with deals. I really appreciate it. I haven't been to CVS in ages. It's a distance from me but I might rethink that.


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