If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A mystery succulent, planting and a bit more CVS

My son likes to buy succulents and cactus when Lowes has them on the clearance cart for $1-$2. 
Then he re pots them and leaves them at our house for us to plant sit.  
They aren't much trouble and they are thriving in the summer heat and liking all the summer rain.  
But the succulent in the big white pot is a mystery.  My son says he didn't buy it and I sure didn't.  It has grown lots and when I looked at early this morning, it had dozens of tiny yellow flowers.  I guess they close up in the heat of the day.  
Anyone know the name of this mystery succulent? 

He also has some jade plants that have tripled in size this summer.  

The zinnias we grew from seed were slow to get started but are growing up and blooming so pretty ๐Ÿ˜„

My husband is starting some seeds for fall crops - broccoli, onions, lettuces.......

And Surprise! Or probably not..............

I made a second trip to CVS this week.  The deals were too good not to do them. 
I used my $16 ExtraCareBucks from yesterday.
$2 coupons on each Gain- from the Sunday paper, Coupons.com and the PG website
.25 coupons on Puffs from Sunday newspaper
.25 coupons on Dawn from Coupons.com
Those products came to just a but more than $30 and gave back a $10 ExtraCareBuck

The Body Armour sports drinks are a freebie - they were $3 for 2 and give back a $3 ExtraCareBuck

My mom asked for deodorant and they did not stock the exact kind she requested but the ones I got were too good a deal to pass up and if she doesn't want them, I'll keep them and look at other stores for hers. 
The Lady Speedstick was $2 for $5 and gave back a $2 ExtraCareBuck and I used a 50 cent coupon on each. 
I had a $2 off $8 any deodorant coupon from the CVS printer and also a $1 on any Mitchum.  
So I added a Mitchum to make my deodorant purchase over $8 and I also used a $2 Mitchum coupon.
All 3 deodorants after coupons ended up costing  $3.19 and I got the $2 ExtraCareBuck on the deal.  
Total spent was $10.06 and I got back $15 total ExtraCareBucks for my next trip.

Hope you are all having a great start to August ๐Ÿ˜


  1. Your mystery plant looks like it might be purslane.

  2. It is definitely purslane, Kathy and Rhonda. I have one at my house.

  3. Yep they are right, it's Purslane and will have lovely flowers. Robin Leja has some photos on her facebook (and likely on her blog) and the flowers look a bit like moss rose flowers. It's supposed to be a great succulent and easier to grow than others.

    I recently picked up a rather wet dish of succulent plants for half price at Kroger, making them about $1.25 each. I mean to pass on to Bess who is especially fond of succulents. I am thinking I might have to go back and get another one or two though, lol.

  4. In Spanish they are called verdolagas. We cook them In water drain them,fry them in oil,with garlic tomatoes and onions. They are high in potassium. You need to be careful they multiply like crazy when the yellow flowers dry and turn to seeds.

  5. Purslane usually grows wild. It is extremely high in omega 3s and vit c. I wildcrafted some and replanted it in a pot and there's some frowning in with my hens and chicks. Many, many uses.

  6. Oops. Growing with...๐Ÿ˜„

  7. I thought it also looked like purslane. I have some in my garden growing wild. Be interesting to grow in a pot if I could get some.

  8. Yep, as the other commenters have mentioned, it's purslane. And it's higher in omega-3s than fish. It's nice to use in salads. It must be nice to have someone to babysit your plants! Have a happy!


  9. You did great! I have purslane growing in my garden and we sadly consider it a weed.

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  11. If you eat too of them they have a tendency to make kidney stones because they are high in potassium.

  12. You amaze me when you do this. I shopped at CVS when I had a young family and did use their coupons but I need to start again. You put me to shame. Way to go.

  13. So glad you posted this today. I have 16 extra bucks that are good through tomorrow and I forgot about them Thanks for the ehads up!

  14. I love succulents! I will have to see if I can find some purslane. I take my succulents to school with me!!

  15. I'm glad someone else figured out what your mystery plant was - I wasn't sure. Love all the succulents - one of my favorite species of plants, even though I have a hard time with them. I just keep trying! I've tried indoors, outdoors, bright light, indirect light, different spots in the house, hardly ever water them. Love that your husband is starting all those fall veggies by seed.

  16. Purslane is invasive so make sure you are careful. It will take over entire gardens. Thanks for the CVS post.

  17. It's always great to stretch the dollars through coupons and promotions and you do a wonderful job of it!


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