If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

CVS, sunrise and easy breakfasts for the visitors and me

hello everyone- days are busy here so I'll just do a short post to catch up

My CVS haul this week- I used coupons on my CVS app as well as manufacturers coupons and $20 in CVS extracarebucks from previous purchases.  My total went from $89 to $6.00 when everything was subtracted.

2 gallons of milk, 2 mens hair trimmers, 2 boxes hair color, 2 deodorants, 2 juice, 3 facial tissue, 4 bags candy, 1 toothpaste, 1 Duo antacids, 1 vitamin C, and
10 giant KitKats because they were on clearance for 19 cents each. 
And I got back $10 in extracarebucks for my next trip.  

I won't be doing any Black Friday shopping but CVS does have some great specials.  If you'd like to check them out before tomorrow's paper arrives, their ads are always published early at www.iheartcvs.com 

My husband had an early morning appointment at the VA hospital in Oklahoma City this week.
(knee troubles )
 We watched a  beautiful sunrise in the rear view mirrors.  But my photo doesn't do it justice.

This week in the USA, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. 
We will eat our big Thanksgiving meal at our daughter's home and we are taking some of the food.  We will have some  company here, in and out,  for 4 days or so. 
That will include our 8 young grandchildren and I want to visit with all of them when they are here.  So I put on my thinking cap to come up with easy and family friendly meal ideas. 
One evening my husband will grill steaks and turkey sausage,  I'll add baked potatoes and a veggie or 2. 
Lunches will be sandwiches-
Breakfasts will be sweet rolls and breads to heat or toast,  bacon and sausage patties that just need needed and orange juice and milk. 

We bought lunch meat, bacon and sausage all on sale at the commissary as well as ready made orange juice.
The sausage was roll sausage that I sliced and cooked, then packed with layers of parchment between before freezing. 
All the bread products are from Aldi.  Aldi's taste good and are a good price,  even when buying a box full . 
There is also fruit, yogurt and I'll add scrambled eggs if possible. 
In a perfect world,  I would be making everything from scratch and fresh,  but to keep my sanity and keep everyone fed,  we are going to easy this time. 

The 4 oldest local grands already had one sleepover here this week- this is fresh from their showers, all wearing the 25 cent Star War pajamas I got on clearance a while back.  Cousin sleepovers are fun and even more fun when dressed alike
they enjoyed some Aldi doughnuts and precooked bacon for breakfast and all gave it their seal of approval. 

this grand is not much of an eater but he sure liked the doughnuts! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA readers


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Have a wonderful time with your visitors.
    Good job preparing!

    1. Thank you Billie Jo, happy ThAnksgiving to you and your family 🏡

  2. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! The grandkids look so cute in their PJS!

    Have a great day!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Rhonda! Enjoy your time with your company.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to All! Enjoy your family!

  5. I always love your organization especially when it comes to preparing meals. I can't believe the prices. One would absolutely never find a choco bar for 19 cents here or Star Wars PJs for a quarter. Unbelievably good deals. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones. xx

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Rhonda! I bet it's fun with all those youngsters. Amazing savings!


  7. I found your blog today while looking for ideas on ways to organize the new small chest freezer I bought. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying your family!

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. How fun to be able to spend so much time with your beautiful family! I loved the Star Wars jammie gang. ;)

    Be blessed!

  10. The grandkids are adorable. I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your family.


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