If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, November 6, 2016

kitchen spruce up- so far

good evening everyone!  I had planned to have everything in my kitchen put in it's place before I took pictures, but I live in a real home with real people.  My husband and grandson are here,  I'm cooking our supper and if I don't take photos now,  it won't get done today.

so, here is my real kitchen- not ready for Pinterest but just how it is :)

from one end of my kitchen,  it looks into the formal dining room area
on that ledge is the all jalapenos, bell peppers and a little okra my husband picked today. 
also bubbles for the grandchildren to play with in the backyard
and when you turn around,  this is the breakfast nook that we switched over to where our big appliances are. 
The white cabinet holds play dough and other child things,  flashlights, paper towels,  my scented waxes.....
on top is a basket of snacks,  sometimes fresh fruit and cups and straws

this is the only BEFORE photo I took - half of the plastic containers and probably the most messy of all the cabinets I worked on

the cabinet beside that one also holds more Tupperware- most of it is in baskets that can corral the small pieces and be pulled out for easy retrieval
that same cabinet with the baskets pushed in

Dish cabinet- our everyday dishes- most are white Correlle
on the top shelf are disposable plates and bowls as well as soup mugs
next to it is drinking glasses - not much fancy as most of the grands use sippy type cups.  My husband and I prefer big insulated cups that don't sweat in our humidity. 

Baking cabinet- most of the changes in it were on the top shelf so I can store the new salad spinner there.  The Tupperware canisters hold things like flour, sugar, etc

Below it is the where the stone baking things and pots and pans are

I don't think I changed a thing in the Pyrex cabinet
Below that is sort of a no-man's cabinet.  It has hidden storage about 2 feet deep on the left but it is also very hard to reach. 
Now there are just big things stored there that are easy to access- punch bowl, big platters, cake keeper and dome.
The white basket holds  vases. 

Above the stove is where all the drink containers are
to the right of the stove is this narrow cabinet- it holds small baking pans, a grater and chopper

the lower cabinet under it is narrow too.  it holds skillets on one shelf and unbreakable baking pans

the next spot is a nook where the refrigertator is supposed to be. 
Now that upper cabinet holds just glass jars and lids- before it was a just a jumble of junk. 
underneath it is the lower cabinet we added. 
It has a lot of storage and I keep cutting boards,  baking pans and sheets there. I like that the cabinet is tall enough to stand them up like library books.  It makes it easy to retrieve one. 

our kitchen has 2 pantries.  This one holds food top to bottom and I think it is about as full as possible
the bottom part of the food pantry
just across from it is what was supposed to be a broom closet but we add extra shelves and now it holds appliances like a meat slicer, fryer, crock pots, mixer......also medicine and cleaning products on high shelves

I really was cooking supper and I let the spaghetti sauce bubble a bit more than normal- must of happened while I was taking photos.  No harm done, though
I baked a lemon chess pie from the King Arthur site for our supper.  It is delicious but just too rich.  I don't recommend it unless someone just wants a very heavy, rich dessert. 
When we ate,  my husband and grandson and I together ate about 1/4 of it and it was truly all we wanted.  We all are big dessert fans too but this one is very satisfying. 

So,  if you got this far, then you are really interested in other people's kitchens :) 
if you have a question about how I store anything, Ill try to answer. 

Have a good new week, everyone~


  1. What a dreamy kitchen! I love the setup. You've got so much storage. Good for you. I hope you enjoy it a lot.

    Pray and vote!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. It would be so nice to have all the kitchen and pantry storage! I bet you do appreciate it. All the work you've done must feel great too as you now have a good, working kitchen :-)

  3. Oh wow! I am pea green with envy. I would love to have your pantry!

  4. Your kitchen is definitely picture perfect. A few vegetables aren't clutter. Your cupboards are wonderful.

    I am concerned for you because of the earthquakes in Oklahoma last night. Is everyone okay there? I hope they didn't affect you. Let us know.

    1. The big one last night was close us, 20 miles away, and we certainly felt it. We have frequent earthquakes in Oklahoma. I felt 2 on Saturday and then the one last night was the 2nd worst one we've ever felt.
      We are fine, no damage here, but it was sure exciting!

    2. I am happy to hear that you are all okay!

  5. Very nice! Love all the Pyrex dishes. Very nice ideal with the baskets and all the lids etc.. I may have to copy that. Hoping the kitchen is a project for after the holidays.

  6. Looking good! You have a nice amount of counter space.

  7. It all looks great, but I'm swooning over your Pyrex collection!!

  8. Good job. That is a lot of work.
    I LOVE your pantry. Looks like you are ready for the winter.
    Have a blessed week.

  9. Goodness woman, you have been busy! I love you idea of using the baskets to corral things in. I may have to take a page out of your book and do this to my cabinets too. :)


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