If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, March 31, 2017

Beans, baking and kiddos

hello everyone,

I dusted off a really old recipe for red beans and rice.  I wrote it down following a PBS cooking show, maybe around 1985-ish.  My husband thinks it was from The Frugal Gourmet and he is probably right but it could of been Justin Wilson.  This is back before The Food Network, when there were just a few TV cooking shows, and mostly on public TV. 

Where the recipe is from, it makes good red beans.  I did adjust it a bit and didn't add the margarine or worchteshire - goodness, that word is hard to both say and spell

Two dozen sandwich buns baked with my grandparent's recipe  Some for weekend eating, some for the freezer and some for my parents. 

Spice pecan cookies made with a recipe from  Mrs. B's Butter Pecan Cookies  Her recipe calls for a butter pecan flavor cake mix.  I substituted a spice cake mix, and they turned out delicious.  This is a fast and easy recipe and I'm really glad Mrs. B shared it.   I think my husband would happy to eat them everyday. 

Our oldest grandson was in a musical at school called "The Swamp" He did a great job playing Bully the Bullfrog.

Have a good weekend everyone. We are expecting more rain but that's fine with us, Oklahoma still needs the water.  


  1. You have a great recipe there! It's really nice to be able to attend Grandchildren's programs. This past week I was able to attend a Grandchild's Spring Program with music and art. Enjoyed. We need rain here as well. The parts of Oklahoma called green country I thought was beautiful. I could live there again and wouldn't mind. There's been quite a bit of excitement in the Tulsa area where I use to live. Crime is up. With Madison Dickson's violent crime spree also the 3 teen boys killed in home invasion, it saddens me that so much of this behavior is taking place. Blessings to you, d

  2. Everything looks wonderful, Rhonda! Those buns get me every time you post a picture of them. A bakery couldn't make prettier ones. Children's school programs are the best form of entertainment!


  3. I am like you and have an ancient recipe for red beans and rice that I copied from some old tv show. (I think it was Justin Wilson but I cant guarontee!)
    Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe. I have a butter pecan mix I bought by mistake. Now I know what I am going to do with it!

  4. Wow I love red beans and rice. I love beans in general, we have never had a butter pecan cake mix out here in the west, must be a southern thing. I would love you roll recipe. I have a favorite but love to try others.

  5. You've been busy and it all looks so good!!

  6. Hello Mrs. Rhonda,

    I smiled when I read this post, as I have a pot of pintos on the stove today :-). I am glad you all enjoy the super simple cookie recipe. I especially like the convenience of it when one of the littles, walks in the kitchen a half hour before some sort of obligation and says, "Oh yeah, did I tell you I'm supposed to bring a treat or snack or something?"
    How fun to see your grandson's school play. I'm sure he had a great performance and everyone had fun.

  7. I made buns the same day you did. :)
    We haven't had red beans and rice in a long time, but I have a good recipe found online when I first started freezer cooking. Might have to dig that out.
    Greg and I enjoyed watching Justin Wilson on PBS way back when. Greg has a little Cajun in his bloodlines, so it was fun to listen to Justin Wilson speak. He reminded Greg of some uncles he had in Mississippi and Texas.

  8. Your Easter tree is stunning! All of your food looks so yummy to me especially the red beans and rice. I love them.

    So happy that you enjoyed your grandson's musical at school. I have always loved shows like this one that showcase the wonderful things that kids do.

  9. I'm glad I've just eaten because all of that looks so good! The Frugal Gourmet...that's another frugal author like Jacques Pepin whose books I want to check out once again...

  10. I agree the buns look like they re from the bakery! All your cooking looks so good!
    Have a great new week Rhonda! With love Annabel.xxx


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