If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kitchen prep, supper, sewing and my husband's DIY

Hello everyone,  I had some questions on how I make our sandwich box.
Since I made another one today,  I took photos of just the divider dishes I use.

The clear glass bowl holds 1 cup and works fine for the tomatoes in the salad box. 
The Apple green double dish is something I got from my daughter when she decluttered her home
And the dark green oval bowls are old Tupperware.  
I think this shows the dishes aren't anything special.  They are shallow enough to fit inside the bigger boxes but other containers would work fine.  

Today's sandwich box and salad for tomorrow night. 

For supper, I made Dutch Farmers Supper with baked carrots and blackberry crisp.  

I prepped the vegetables by peeling and cutting them when I made the salad and sandwich box. 
The main dish is potatoes and onion,  simmered in water or broth until almost done. Then add green beans and diced sausage until heated through.  Season with salt and plenty of black pepper as desired. 
I used turkey sausage.  We think it tastes great and is much lower in fat than traditional sausage.  Turkey sausage does not seem to hold up to long cooking though, so I just simmer it until it's heated. 

dessert was Blackberry Crisp.  My daughter bought the locally grown berries in the summer and we still have several containers in the freezer.  I better use them soon as the new crop will be ready before we know it. 
I used a recipe from AllRecipes.com but I adjusted it a bit.  I did use 4 cups of berries as specified, 
but I cut the crisp part in half.  The 1 cup of sugar sounded way too sweet.  We like desserts like 
cherry pie to have some tartness. After we ate it,  I'm really glad I did cut half the topping,  the blackberries were really the star of this dessert. 

A little sewing project was patching knees on jeans that belong to our 3 year old grandson.  

My husband has been working on bar height benches for our daughter's home.  I found the plans for them on a blog called Simply Keirste


  1. Ooh, those benches are nice! Cute patches on the jeans!

  2. Oh My Mrs. Rhonda, Your husband is just as creative and talented as you! I'm sure y'all are a winning pair.
    Your Dutch Farmers supper looks delicious, thanks for sharing your recipe.


  3. You always have the best looking meals, Rhonda! I'd love to have some of those salad boxes in my fridge. They certainly make a salad look more appetizing. Cute idea about those patches.


  4. I love the sandwich box idea! I used to do a salad bar box when the kids were still at home which saved a lot of fixings being picked out of salads and thrown out. The knee patches are just adorable!

  5. I love, love, love your St. Patrick's Day tree! Can you tell I am Irish?

    Your food looks scrumptious. I love how you did the salads in advance.

    The knee patches are beyond adorable. I hope he loves them.

    Your husband is doing a terrific job on those benches.

  6. Your grandson's jeans look so cute with those patches. Love the benches your husband made - he has a great talent!

  7. Rhonda, this was a terrific post. It was informational, had recipes, d├ęcor and introduced me to a new blog to go peruse! I'm going to try that farmer's supper dish. It sounds like just the simple sort of meal I'd like!

  8. I love the jeans! You did a great job making them so cute for a little guy.

    I also love the sandwich ingredients all in the container.

    I understand how helpful to have some pre-planning in place when little people come and stay. I've been having a lot of company lately--besides my normal time with my nephew, my 19 year-old autistic niece called me from school Thursday and had me come pick her up. She didn't feel good, poor girl. You look like you've been "entertaining" a lot lately, as I looked back on your previous posts and got caught up. What a blessing.

  9. YOur Farmer's Dinner looks and sounds delicious and does the blackberry crisp! I love that patches you did for your grandson's jeans...how adorable! Your hubby did a fantastic job on those benches too. Be blessed!

  10. What a neat idea. That dinner looks wonderful. I would love those stools.


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