If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, October 30, 2017

Cooking, shopping, sewing, family fun..........

Good Monday morning everyone, 
Below is a very old fashioned dessert that I made last week.  
My aunt made a similar recipe with cream cheese but this recipe is even simpler and lighter than hers. 
 I found this Lemon Fluff recipe at Taste of Home. 

It’s a very frugal recipe using just graham cracker crumbs, butter, sugar, lemon juice, lemon jello and canned milk.  

The secret to its lightness is whipping up a can of cold milk.  

That little can of milk whips up just like heavy cream.  
By itself, it is very bland but when you add the lemon, etc in the recipe,  it comes out delicious.  
My husband liked it so much! So, I made a second Lemon Fluff  yesterday that we will enjoy this week.  

A new food we tried is the ready to cook flour tortillas from Aldi.  
The tortillas are very thin and need to cook about 2 1\2 minutes in a hot dry skillet or gridle. 

The tortillas puff up while cooking.  

They are made in Weslaco, Texas and are probably sold at other stores in addition to Aldi. 
I know some of you are very interested in the nutrition and ingredients of store foods so hopefully you can read the package if you want.  

When cooked, our tortillas didn’t roll but they did fold in half just fine and hold the taco ingredients. 

Each bag has 20 tortillas in it so it will feed my husband and I several meals. 
I think the bags were about $2 -2.75, they are in the refrigerator case near the lunch meat products.  

Another new product I’m really liking are these little clips for sewing.  
They look kind of like tiny clothes pins.  

They are great for sewing knits, to hold the pieces together flatter than pins, especially knit fabric.  
I ordered mine form Amazon, 100 clips were about $9 

Sewing projects- I made a Summer Kimono pattern from Patterns For Pirates for my daughter. 

For myself,  I used some $2 a yard Walmart knit to make a Laundry Day Tee dress by Love Notions.  
And, a summer kimono, which I don’t love.  Maybe mine is too big or maybe I’m just not a kimono girl.  

Another sewing project was hemming 5 pair of suit pants for our son that wears suits 95% of his working time.  
One was Ralph Lauren and it was an especially nice feeling fabric.  

We still like our Rae Dunn pottery but I haven’t added any new pieces in months. 
My son saw a lot of mugs at the Little TJMaxx in our town so I went and checked them out.  
I happily bought some Christmas mugs for us and some others for gifts.  

Granddaughter Elizabeth is in Girl Scouts and they had an old fashioned tea party to learn about manners and traditions.   
These 2 photos are a bit blurry but don’t the little girls look sweet with tea cups and such? 

I’m re-posting our Stuffed Pepper Soup since so many of you asked about it.

Hope you all have a good week ❤️🏡❤️


  1. Your flowery top is very pretty. Those clips look handy for sewing. I have something similar that I sometimes use for quilt binding. Love the tea party pic's... the girls are adorable!

    1. I went back and saved the lemon fluff recipe. It looks so yummy!

  2. I adore little girls and tea parties! I'm headed to Aldi this week so I'll have to see if my store carries those tortillas. We go through quite a few since Megan is now home for lunch. I use them in place of bread often.

  3. Thanks for the soup recipe. It sounds delicious.
    I have found memories of tea parties when I was a kid. I know your beautiful granddaughter enjoyed it, and what a brilliant place and time to use it as a learning lesson.

  4. I remember Lemon Fluff--now I have to make some! You look cute in your top.

  5. Love those clips I am going to get some of those for sure!

  6. Sounds like a great week. The girls look so pretty in their hats!
    Have a good one.

  7. I like your kimono. I got one and the sleeves were way too long. I had them shortened, and look forward to wearing it somewhere. LOL.
    Did Elizabeth enjoy the tea party? Jessica had a tea party for her birthday one year. We got china cups and saucers from a garage sale. We had lots of pretty dress-up dresses and they decorated hats as an activity. Nick was the butler and served them "tea" (Kool-aid) and little sandwiches. There were chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes, too. It was lots of fun. She is currently collecting tea cups and saucers for Layla to have one day. :)

  8. I wonder what my grandma would think of ready-to-cook tortillas! She got up every morning at 4am to make homemade flour tortillas for the day. We had them with every meal, like many families have bread. There were few ingredients. Flour, lard (yes, real lard), salt, & water, I think. She rolled so many tortillas in her life that she wore out several wedding bands. She literally rubbed the gold until it thinned and broke!
    Betcha you didn't know that could happen, huh?! They were melt in your mouth good with butter.

    I didn't get to go to my first tea party until I was 35! Boy, I was missing out as I still think they are so enjoyable. All girls/women should make them part of their regular lives. The younger, the better!

    Aren't those clips wonderful?! One of the ladies in my quilting group brought some for our room and we all use them regularly. I'm dangerous with pins so they keep me from stabbing myself!

    I think your blouse is lovely. I've never sewed knits before. I'm a bit chicken to try!!

  9. Looks like your Grandaughter is having a lovely time!

    I always enjoy your recipes and sewing projects! Have a great day!

  10. You are always such a busy beaver. I like how much you get done. I love your kimono and dress. You look very pretty in it. I also love the Lemon Fluff. I need to try and make this. Yum. I'm sure your son really appreciates your sewing ability. I know you are saving him a lot of money by hemming his pants and also he doesn't have to worry about getting to a tailor within business hours.

  11. You are so talented!!!
    Thank you for the recipes!
    And such a beautiful picture of you. : )

  12. The little girls having a tea party is so cute (I secretly want to have one). Have a great day!

  13. Loved today's post. Have never been to a tea party and I am 70! Great idea for young girls to learn manners. I really liked your last post about updating your recipe collection...it has inspired me to do mine---I have recipes from 5 generations of cooks!! Lots of work, but I am enjoying it :)

  14. The little girls look so cute! Elizabeth is a cutie and getting quite grown up looking--I remember her being born!

    I love those clips. Hold stuff so good!

  15. Your kimono print is really pretty, but it looks much too large for you!

  16. I always learn something and love my visita here. Lemon fluff...yummmy.

  17. I always learn something and love my visita here. Lemon fluff...yummmy.

  18. What an inspiring blog! Glad I found it! <3

  19. I think you look lovely in your dress and kimono jacket. :) That Lemon Fluff looks really good. I think I am going to have to give that one a try. :) What fun to have a tea party and the girls are all so adorable. :)

  20. You got a lot done this week. It is always fun to see what you have been up to in the sewing department. My sewing is not happening. Except, I did buy 3 patterns on sale at JoAnn's. I do have high hopes. Now, I want to go out and choose some fabric from a bin in the shop, and make one of them up to see if my daughter likes it. If she does, and it fits, then we can get more fabric if we need something different. The only time I really have is Saturdays--maybe this week:)

    As always, your meals look great, as do the grandkids:)

  21. I love the fabric in you kimono. I think it is too large. I am a plus size but finally got a kimono. My sleeves are much shorter than yours. I think your sleeves are too long. Plus, I find that a looser blouse looks best with a slim skirt or pants. I don't wear slim skirts anymore...lol...because I am not slim. but, I wear my kimono with pants. Mine is very similar to yours--pink floral with black background.

  22. Your top is so pretty! Just love big cabbage roses, The lemon fluff looks yummy!

  23. Your flowered top is pretty and you look nice with your skirt and flats!


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