If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A little yard stuff, a bit of cooking and lots of grands

Hello everyone 
We had another round of peppers ready to pick.  These grandsons had a big time helping Grandpa pick them.  
Then (again) we roasted, peeled and chopped the chilis and sliced all the bell peppers.  They’ve all been frozen to enjoy later. 
There are still jalapeños in the fridge that I plan to pickle.  

Two of our grandsons live on a small farm and raise Guernsey Show cows.  They showed one at the Tulsa State Fair and a local tv channel did a feature story on them which turned out so cute.  

My husband has been making some decorative knives.  He gets fancy wood scraps from a friend with a high end cabinet business. 
The knife parts are blanks he mail orders.  

We grow zinnias most every year.  It is really easy to harvest their seeds.  
I just trim off the flowers when they’ve turned brown.  
Then I leave them to dry for a few weeks.  
After that,  I’ll just take them apart, keep the seeds to plant next year and then throw away all the non-seed parts. 
There will be thousands of seeds once I separate.  

There could be bugs so I’m leaving the sack of zinnia heads in our tornado room to dry out.  

We mowed and edged the yard this week and we hope it’s the last mowing of 2017.  
I keep an old pair of shoes that are just for yard work.  I’ll wash them and then they’ll be ready for more yard work in the spring.  

It’s been feeling more summer like than fall like but that changed yesterday when a cold front moved into our state yesterday. 
I think it’s amazing that it was 41 in one part of Oklahoma and 94 in another at the exact same time.  

Our daughter in law is a hair stylist.  This is a recent photo shoot at her salon where her 2 daughters posed as customers.  
Both little girls have lots of long dark thick hair. 

I think these photos turned out so cute.  
I’m wondering who had the most fun,  Charlie and Andie or their momma, Sheena?  
I think it was an afternoon to remember for all of them.  ❤️

I just put our supper in the crockpot- Cowboy Casserole from Cheryl’s frugals corner
I think it will taste especially good on this cool fall day 🍁 I’m a big fan of simple recipes like that this that just use basic pantry ingredients. 


  1. Rhonda the knife is absolutely gorgeous!!! Does he make them to sell? It is breath taking.
    The kids are cute - but I sure do love the hair salon photos. Those are just precious!
    Enjoy the casserole, and thank you for the mention!
    Have a great one.

  2. Your husband makes beautiful knives and your little granddaughters are so pretty. The casserole sounds perfect for this time of year. Enjoy!

  3. Those knives are beautiful as are all of your grands!

  4. Those are a lot of peppers! :)
    That knife is gorgeous and very elegant and the photos of the hairdresser are so cute!

  5. Wow! the knives... incredible!!! I like the photo of the boys on tv with their cow. too cute! And I love love love the little girls in the salon... that must have been so much fun!!!! It's still hot in eastern NC, I'm longing for fall!

  6. i'm also making Cheryl's crockpot casserole this week! Too funny we are all alike. Sounds so easy and delicious. You have the cutest grandkids! The pictures of them all are so good. Have a great day!

  7. I love crockpot meals. Those knives are great.

  8. What a fun batch of pictures! And the knives...what incredible work!

    We had that same crazy weather up here in KS. And it's supposed to be 85 on Friday!! We think it's going to be a very cold winter. My quilting group was having a discussion about how busy the squirrels have been. The little guys in our yard have been busy busy digging away. My dog sits at the patio door and just stares with his ears up. I call it "Squirrel TV" lol.

  9. I have a great soup recipe that calls for an entire jalapeño. It's amazing because the jalapeño doesn't make it to too spicy. If you want it I will pass it on. I have lots of jalapeños in my garden too and I love using one in that yummy soup.

  10. What cute grandchildren! The boys with the cow, and the girls getting their hair done. Adorable.
    The knives are beautiful.
    The casserole sounds delicious. I'm going to make it next week.

  11. The knives are so beautiful. My husband makes cutting boards that are similar, only striped instead of checked. We love using them and they decorate the kitchen so much.

    The kids are adorable, of course:)

    It looks like you had an interesting week all around.

  12. Your husband is very talented with his wood-working. He should make you a beautiful wooden cutting board now. :-) Am I the only one who think your granddaughters look like you? I definitely see the family resemblance.

  13. All the children are adorable. I posted that same recipe on my blog and plan to make it, too.


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