If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, October 6, 2017

In the Kitchen - Hello Fresh review and some homecooking

Subscription meals are very popular but I had never tried them.  
In September, I loosely followed a plan called “ShelfTember” and my goal was to use up ingredients that we’ve had for awhile.  I used up lots of oddball ingredients and freezer leftovers. I also did very little grocery shop in September. 
Near the end of September, I saw a coupon code to get your first Hello Fresh shipment at a big discount.  So, I thought we’d try it.  
Above is my 2 year old grandson sitting beside our delivery- it came by USPS.  

Near the top of the shopping crate is where these 3 bags were.  They contain the ingredients needed for each recipe.  

The shipping box was very insulated with several ice packs.  
The fresh meat was in the bottom. 
All the cold ingredients were very cold when delivered and they stayed fresh in our fridge until I cooked them.  

Hello Fresh sends very easy to follow recipe cards and nutritional information.  
Inside the brown paper bags, are the exact ingredients needed for a recipe. 
(At home, you will need to have basic cooking tools with salt, pepper and cooking oil) 
Below is the ingredients is for Sesame Beef Tacos.  

This plat contains 2 of the sesame beef tacos and we added Homemade refried beans from our freezer.  
This was our favorite of the 3 meals ( but we truly enjoyed all of them) 
We’d never cooked cabbage with our taco meat or had pickled vegetables on tacos. The Korean Red pepper flakes were a new spice to us, it is hot but mostly just spicy and delicious, 

This is our Sizzling Hoisin shrimp.  
My husband said “fabulous, absolutely fabulous” will he was eating,  

Our last meal was Creamy Dill Chicken,  the sauce was so good! 
We won’t be regular Hello Fresh customers but we did enjoy these 3 meals.  
I may order again we have a staycation or if we take a vacation and stay in a condo.  
The food is restaurant quality,  the meals are easy to prepare.  
I do plan on sending a gift certificate as a wedding gift for a couple of med school students that getting married this fall.  

This week, I baked 2 batches of sandwich buns and 2 loaves of pecan raisin bread.  
I also made some spreadable butter for the first time.  
I beat together 1/2 pound softened butter with 1/2 cooking oil in the mixer and then stored it in little Pyrex containers.  
So far, it’s great.  It is easy to spread on our morning toast.  

We cut what it probably our last watermelon of 2017.  
It was a really good one! ,

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ❤️


  1. I'm going to try making the speadable butter. Getting rid of country crock has been on my list for quite some time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope you like it Wendy. Our last couple purchases of store spread just tasted weird. Straight butter is just too hard

  2. I have been making spreadable butter for a while now. I think we use less than we used with the regular stick butter.
    Thanks for the review of the Hello Fresh meals. I had thought about getting some sent to Son1's house the next time we visit

    1. I think Fresh Meals would be perfect for vacation cooking. They are delicious, convenient and fun.

  3. I have been curious to know how the price compares to buying the ingredients in the store.

    1. I’m sure it is cheaper to buy the ingredients at a store.
      My order was half price with the coupon. I think it was $29 total for the 3 meals which made a total of 6 servings.
      Groceries would mostly like be cheaper but the Fresh Meals are much cheaper than a sit down restaurant.

  4. Did you get the potatoes and beans with the chicken? Or did they come from your own supply? I''m just curious. It's always fun to try something new.

  5. All of the vegetables and premeasured seasonings, along with a recipe card, come with each meal.
    Fun does describe these meals

  6. I've been curious about trying some of the subscription meal services now that it's just the two of us for supper most of the time. I wouldn't subscribe for any length of time, but like you said, for a special occasion or while on vacation. I'll be moving to Florida for several weeks when my aunt has her kidney transplant (not scheduled yet - could be many months away), and this would be fun to do with her. She doesn't like to cook, but I think we'd enjoy doing this together.

  7. Okay just got back and I am catching up on blogs and now I am hungry....?

  8. We just ended our Hello Fresh subscription simply because we were having a hard time keeping up with it. It was convenient with me working full time and gone two nights a week. It was our favorite of the meal subscriptions we tried.

    Wow, I haven't made spreadable butter in ages! I first learned about doing that from an Emilie Barnes book way back in the early 90s!!


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