If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, October 2, 2017

lots of lists and sewing plans

Hello everyone,
I'm going to try my old way of list making as I have a lot of plans floating in my head and just one sheet of paper wasn't going to hold them all.
I am using a plain spiral notebook
On 1 page I wrote ideas for main dishes and desserts that we have the ingredients for.
I won't cook them in any particular order but this is what I plan to cook in October
this page is the tasks I hope to accomplish this week - I just put an X beside it when it's done

I have not been keeping close track of our grocery/household spending and I want to start.  
Our financial month does not run exactly with the calendar months, so even though this only the 2nd of October,  I have already done the majority of this month's shopping.  
I'll continue to keep track as the month goes on.  
The Aldi in our town has been remodeling and enlarging and it's really nice.
They will have a Grand Reopening this week and they mailed out $5/30 coupons for this Aldi.
We got a coupon in our mail and our daughter gave me hers.
So will go twice and spend as close to $30 on each transaction before the coupon is deducted.
I started this list of Aldi staples that I am hoping to stock up on.  I won't plan the list out exactly as Aldi sometimes runs out of things but this way I have a basic game plan.

On the dining table, is a stack of fabric and some patterns.
"Cut Out" on my to do list refers to cutting out things to sew.  Since taking this photo, I've cut out 2 tops for me and drew off a kimono pattern for my daughter.
I am hoping to sew several tops and 2 kimono tops and maybe a dress soon.  They may not all get done this week but I hope to get them soon.

It's hard to be cheerful after the dreadful story from Las Vegas. 
There must be thousands of people with broken hearts as the news of their loved ones is reaching them. 
I can't fix that situation but I can take care of my family and home.   So I am choosing to stay busy at home and not watch the news.  


  1. We are keeping the news off, too. Too hard to see. We had $5/30 Aldi coupons for 4 weeks when Lidl opened here so we really got stocked up.

  2. I keep a notebook with daily, short term and long term chores and plans. It works better for me.
    The news is so depressing.

  3. I remember having notebooks for every show I was involved in. Sometimes there would be 8 notebooks. Crazy huh?

  4. You are so lucky to have an Aldi's that is expanding and getting coupons! Smart on stocking up on essentials. Maybe soon we will get some coupons too!

    I had to get off the computer and not watch t.v. for awhile yesterday. Too much to think about those poor families who just thought their loved one went to a concert and would be back.

  5. I love notebooks and writing lists, etc. I'm finding myself switching the tv more and more to music stations. I can't take it either! Can't wait to see your new sewing projects.

  6. You really do get stuff done. You always inspire me. When I regain my strength, energy, and range of motion after surgery, I hope to get stuff done like I haven't been able to since beginning chemo.
    God bless!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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