If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, October 20, 2017

Rustic fall crafts - child friendly

Hello everyone. I saw this YouTube video a month or so ago and I thought her outdoor fall decorations and instructions were right up my alley.

And then I saw my husband had lots of wood scraps in his shop.  
I looked on Pinterest and saw even more easy fall crafts and decided we had the right size scraps to make some friendly monsters and some chunky pumpkins. 
I gathered up paint, brushes, a cover for the table, permanent black markers, a hot glue gun and gloves for me. 
When 3 of our grands were here yesterday,   they did the painting,  

We ended up with10 pumpkins made from scraps of 4 by 4 posts.  Our stems are made from old thread spools and wood craft balls.  They were hot glued on along with some silk maple leaves.  
I kept 5 for our front porch and the grands took 5 to their home, their mom put theirs on their mantle.  

I saw these happy monsters on Pinterest and wanted to make them too.
They are scraps of 2 by 4s that the grands painted.  When the paint was dry, I added some of the facial features with black markers.  Some of the eyes are eyeball stickers.  
I don’t do scary anything so our monsters are all cheerful and friendly looking. 

They will be standing in this living room window during this season. 

The pile of blankets stayed on the couch because grands were here for 2 days in a row and the youngest ones all take afternoon naps.  

The post pumpkins are on our front porch in between a bunch of ........
Osage Oranges that grow on a tree near a pond in our addition.  I pick them up most every fall to decorate our porch.

We are having a very mild fall. We still have zinnias in full bloom and we still have monarch butterflies.  
I thought monarchs migrated before cold weather arrives?

5 of the grands were here for lunch- we all enjoyed quesadillas, grapes and bananas on Tupperware dishes. 
Meals don’t have to be fancy or elaborate. 
Their afternoon snack was popcorn. 

And here’s 2 year old JackJack since you can’t see his face in the group photo
He’s cute, right? 
And you know the reputation Two Year Olds have? 
Well,  that’s our JackJack.  His name is Jackson but he calls himself JackJack and I like it.  
But his other two year habits......I know they will pass but he is a handful right now.  

We love him lots! 


  1. Those kids are the cutest! The crafts look great, too. That is a very creative, fun idea for decorating.

  2. I love the crafts! So cute, as are your grandchildren!

  3. I love the decorations you made. The grands must have had such a good time with Grandma.

  4. Jackjack is adorable. We always called our "Will" Willwill and we still do sometimes...he's almost 33. Those pumpkins and monsters are adorable! I've never heard of or seen Osage Oranges.... very interesting looking!

  5. I love the Fall craft Rhonda- kids love to paint that's for sure. They are all so cute and I can tell they adore you! Have a great Saturday!

  6. I love your decorations! You have so much fun with your grandkids!

  7. Beautiful, fun decorations!!! I want to move to your house. lol !!!!

    Your Grands will have plenty of wonderful, fun and loving memories!!! Enjoy, Janie

  8. What a wonderful time with the grands - making memories they will always remember.
    Now I know what to do with all the wood scraps I have in the garage. I am thinking snowmen and Christmas packages! YAY.
    I love your patchwork pillows - another great idea I may use!!!
    Have a great one.

  9. Love the patchwork pillows!!!!

  10. Love your pumpkins and happy, friendly monsters!
    Your JackJack and my Layla would be best of friends, I'm sure. She's closer to three years-old now, but the two still shines through!

  11. My third child was amazing. She sailed through two with no terrible in there. Then, she hit four and the twos caught up. She was big enough that it was hard to handle her. You know how sometimes just picking them up is the only thing to do. I really love the chunky pumpkins. Maybe I will make them next year. I gather osage orange from a tree here in town, only for Halloween. Those are cute kids.


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