If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Slipcovers for potholders - and fresh peppers and watermelon in October

My first sewing project this week was to redo some much used potholders.  I made these years ago and have used them often but they are really getting worn out. 
First I laundered them all. 
Then I found some cute Debbie Mumm fabric in my stash to recover them.  

The potholders are similar but not the exact same size.  
So I cut fabric a little bigger and then drew around the old potholder.  

The drawn line is my stitching line, except I left the top open.  
I machine stitched the line and then turned the slip cover right sides out, inserted the old potholder and then turned under the top edge and stitched all the way closed.  

Now I have 6 “new” potholders for just a half hour of my time.  
Then I cleaned out my potholder drawer (where do all those drawer crumbs come from anyway)
and put them back in their place.  

My husband picked another peck of peppers -not really a peck but quite a few.  
Some of the bell peppers are purple, they taste just like the green ones. 

A real treat right now is watermelon in October. 
Watermelon is my favorite fruit and I thought we had ate our last one.  But we found huge watermelons at an Oklahoma City grocery store. They looked good so we bought 2.  My husband cut up the first one Monday night and it is sooooo good, 

The drink dispensers were bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  We use them when we have a big family meal.  
They are also nice for holding the Crystal Light drink mix we’ve been enjoying since I gave up diet soda.  I’m mostly drinking water and plain black tea but a sweet glass of sugar free lemonade and fruit punch taste really good too.  

I prefer to blog on my IPad but it just updated and the app I was using doesn’t work with the new IOS version.  I did research and didn’t find much help but I ended up buying a new app and so far, this draft has been very easy.  I hope it looks this good when it’s published.  
We will see!
Anyone else do blogging via Blogspot on an iPad and have any advice for me? 


  1. I love how you were able to reuse the wearing out potholders and quickly refresh them! WTFG!

  2. Love the potholder redo. I think you and I jumped off the same star!

  3. Love the potholders! I have a drink dispenser like those. I love them. I always use them when I host. Have a super week.

  4. Ok, color me DUH!!!!! I never, ever thought of making slip covers for the pot holders. What a great idea!
    Thank you - I will sure be doing this.
    Mmmmm love watermelon!
    have a great day.

  5. Love your new pot holders! They are so pretty. You did a wonderful job!

  6. The new pot holders are pretty; but I do love the original patchwork ones too. Smart idea to recover! Sorry I can't help you with the tech question...I struggle with all of it!! The watermelon looks so good; enjoy!

  7. I also do that with my old potholders. I am glad to know that somebody else is into it :-). No use throwing away thick and still useful potholders. Your old and new fabrics are very pretty!

  8. I too love how you recovered your old potholders to make new ones...so pretty!

  9. I have many problems with Blogspot too. I haven't found any solutions. What new app did you get?

  10. I use Wordpress with my regular laptop computer, and find it pretty easy for someone with absolutely no skills in the computer/blogging area!
    Good luck with your new app,

    The potholders are very cute now. It will be so nice to have them look so fresh in a nice, clean drawer. I need to clean my cupboards and drawers. I noticed today that one of my frying pans is completely missing. Wait, what? What did those kids do with an entire frying pan? Not sure, but I am sure that this house isn't big enough to lose it completely, so I just need to go through the cupboards:) That's what I get for having them do the dishes each weeknight evening, including putting away:) It could be worse. I might have to do all the dishes myself and still not be able to find anything........

  11. I love the pot holders. Very cute pattern. We're the peppers heirloom?

  12. I recover potholders, too. I have a few that are sorely in need of a redo.


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