If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of the year catch up

Hello everyone, I didn’t Blog much in December but that seems to be almost the norm for a lot of bloggers like me.  I’m still here and we’re all fine.  

I am still shopping at CVS.  In fact, one of my plans is to shop for everything a lot more carefully.  

This is what I bought early this Sunday morning, on our way to church....
Before the total was a lot, about $130 ish.  
I had a few coupons, some extracarebucks from previous weeks,  some coupons from the CVS red box and 2 emailed coupons, a $10/60 and 30% off non sale items.  

After all deductions, I paid $32 in cash and got back $32 in Extracarebucks (that was just a coincidence the amounts were the same. ) 

One very easy deal for every CVS card holder is to get the $3.99 toothpaste Coupon from the CVS app and load it to your CVS card.  It makes a tube 100% free. 

Some other careful shopping was how I spent $70 in birthday money.  (My Birthday was a few days before Christmas and I turned 60 😱) 
I shopped sales and used coupons as well as a military discount at Rack Room Shoes.  
The sandals and boots were both originally $69 a pair. 
At Bath and Body Works, the big candles were in sale for $10 and I used a $10/40 Coupon. 
The double wall water bottle is from Walmart and was just $4.94
And I have $5 left

We are having really cold weather right now,  like most of North America, and the boots are really keeping my feet warm and cozy.  

With the New Year,  I have plans to do several home projects, like organizing.  
These are before photos of my laundry room.  I cleaned it all up Wednesday but haven’t had a chance to take after photos yet because.......

......my husband was out of town, 2 grandsons came to stay for a couple days,  we had an impromptu birthday party for my dad and............

We adopted a new puppy.  A friend posts him on Facebook.  He was found in the country and his owners couldn’t be found.  We suspect he was dumped off. 
She told me he was a sweetheart, but her parents couldn’t keep him because they were getting ready to downsize to a motor home.  
So I got him because he looks like a perfect pup for our home.  
He’s been to the Vet.  He weighed 7 pounds, could  be 6 weeks to 9 weeks old,  may be schnauzer or wire hair terrior and some mutt. He had worms and was treated for those and for his first puppy shot like a trooper. 
He’s eating great and doing good with house training.  He was around 5 grandchildren at one time and their noise and noisy toys didn’t bother him a bit.    

 our new puppy Ducky 

So,  I’ll take the laundry room after photos soon and Hopefully lots other before and after was January goes on.  
I’ll update my 100 day sewing challenge too. 
Goodbye for the last time in 2017.  


  1. Happy New Year Rhonda, and Happy 60th Birthday!

    You did well with all the shopping and with your birthday money. I can vouch for your boots being warm. The only thing that ever kept my feet warm indoors in winter was a pair of boots like yours. I think I will have to look for another pair. The other ones came apart at the soles.

    Your new pup looks so adorable and he sounds like he is going to fit right into a busy household.

    All the best in 2018!

  2. What great deals you got. That is a wonderful savings!
    Happy belated birthday. Nice finds. I need new boots badly - maybe I will find a good sale.
    Oh my what a sweetheart Ducky is!!! Bless you for taking that baby in - and I am sure you will be rewarded with lots of puppy hugs and kisses.

  3. I imagine the grands are delighted with a new puppy around! Fantastic job at CVS. I'm will be working on some organizing myself. I hope to get to my craft/sewing area this week. Happy New Year, Rhonda!

  4. You were so smart with your birthday money. Mine usually fizzles away and I have nothing to show for it. That puppy is adorable...... lucky puppy, lucky you! Enjoy!

  5. HAPPY HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy New Year to you and the family. What a cute puppy. He won't lack for playmates at your house. Nice shopping and birthday items.

  6. Have fun with the new puppy!
    And Happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!! Enjoy the new little fur baby. So cute!!

  8. Happy New Year Rhonda and a Belated Happy Birthday! You are just a young one. I have 10 years on you.

    I love your great deals at CVS. I have started back doing deals there. When I ran out of toothpaste I knew that I had to start doing drugstore deals again.

    Ducky is adorable.

  9. You did well there girl. I love the puppy, he is so cute makes me sad but so happy for you. Well until he chews up your European leather pumps, and not one pair but two one from the black set and one from the blue both left feet so you can't even dye them to match and have a pair. (Yes this happened to me.)Happy New Year!

  10. I can't believe how great your deals were at CVS...I so wish we had one near us! That puppy...oh my goodness...melt my heart! I am so glad he found his forever home with you. :) Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year, Rhonda, and happy birthday! I love the boots and sandals. It's been cold here and I finally had to stop wearing my sandals. Once this cold moves on through they'll be back on my feet. I tease about wearing them until my toes turn blue, which is really the truth. I keep meaning to check out the CVS deals but something always comes up. I'm determined to check them out this week when I shop.

  12. Do you still have your other dog? Ducky is sure cute!

    1. Hello Karen, we only have Ducky.
      Mabel went to live in the country.

  13. Love all your deals and your new PUP! Happy birthday -mine was in December also. Have a wonderful day!

  14. What a darling puppy - so glad you found each other. Happy New Year and wishing you and yours good health in 2018.

  15. Happy big six-oh! I love your new boots. And oh, that puppy...he's so cute! Thank you for opening your heart and home and rescuing him. Many blessings to you and your family for 2018.

  16. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, your shopping is really good saving so much money. This puppy is sooo cute how anybody could dump such sweet heart.

  17. I first have to comment that I'm so glad this little guy was rescued. There is no reason to EVER dump a pet anywhere. You'd have to be a real.....

    Okay, great deals at CVS. I'm surprised they haven't banned you yet!

    Your boots are just what a foot needs right now. The cold has been bitter here just a state north of you. It's been so dry, too. I keep taking hot water out back in hopes that the birds swing by before it ices over. It cools to lukewarm almost immediately. Then it's an ice block in a couple of hours! I have ice blocks scattered all over the yard at the base of trees to be watered when they start melting. Yes, I need a birdbath warmer!!

    Hope you had a great birthday! My best friend just turned 50 and she was a complete grump! She growled at me when I called.

  18. Rhonda - I'm not sure if I wished you a Happy Birthday or not. If not, then please accept my belated wishes for a wonderful year to come and Happy 60th!

    Oh, and I love Ducky, too! I asked Greg a few weeks ago about getting a dog, and he's not keen on the idea just yet. I have to let it brew awhile as I mention here or there. LOL. I think eventually it will happen (and Silas will be over the moon when it does!).


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