If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Baking, cleaning, sewing

Good evening everyone 

I’ve done very little baking this holiday season except for Christmas cookies.  
My husband mentioned he would like some pie.  There were still 6 Homemade crusts in the freezer made around Thanksgiving.  So I thawed out 2 and used the last 2 cans of cherry pie filling in the pantry and baked 1 cherry pie.  
I’m so glad I baked it on a foil covered cookie sheet.  That bubbled over juice would of been a mess in the bottom of the oven.  

Below are AFTER photos of the laundry room clean up.  
All the cabinets were wiped down with wood cleaner and the appliances got spray cleaner and Majic Eraser as needed. 
The clothespins were just loose in the black chicken rack on the wall.  I had a few extra mugs so I filled them with clothespins and 3 of them just fit on that little shelf.  

We have an assortment of lightbulbs,  once I removed them from their packages, they all fit in one basket.  
I laid down the spray cans which makes them easy to see what’s there and they are held in place with a heavy bag of craft rocks.  

Baskets of candles for emergencies
Brown paper sacks and jigsaw puzzles
Cleaning rags and clothes hangers 

This cabinet got some much needed new shelf paper 

And so did the drawer-
  I bought the Zote soap quite awhile ago.  I don’t like homemade laundry detergent so I’m not sure what I’ll do it with it.  

The other side for the laundry room- the clothespin bag on the wall is used as a trash can,  I put a plastic store bag inside and put dryer lint, etc in there.  There is no room on the floor for a regular trash can as this laundry room is narrow and a pass through from our garage into the rest of our home. 
And that’s our laundry room,  all 15 or so square feet of it.  It’s not big but I’m very thankful to have it ❤️

It’s so cold here! Ducky needed a sweater so I sewed up a super quick and simple one with a fleece scrap.  It’s just a tube, one seam on the underside that I finished off flat, and 2 slits for his front legs.  The bag end is rounded off so it doesn’t get in his way when he’s doing his business.  


  1. Ducky in the sweater is the cutest thing ever! I love homemade detergent, especially when I use Zote. I think it makes it smell better than other bar soap. I guess many factors such as your areas water makes a difference in how well it cleans and dissolves. Your laundry room is lookin' good!

  2. A friend uses a bar of Zote to pretreat her laundry by wetting it and rubbing on stains. I have not tried this myself so proceed with caution. She has a house full of boys and a hubby who is a contractor and so maybe their Carharts stand up to this better than more delicate fabrics.

    1. I use a Fels Naphtha bar the same way; just wet the spot, rub the soap on it, do a little scrubbing motion, throw it in the wash. It gets out an amazing variety of stains.

  3. Wow! How nice it all looks! I loved those aprons hanging from the pegs, and oh boy! how I'd like to borrow one of your puzzles! ;) The farmer has a little dog who needs a sweater; you've given me a good idea!

  4. I'd love to hold and play with little Ducky. He is just so precious. Your laundry room looks awesome and I know how good you must feel to have everything clean and organized. I am not sure what Zote soap is though I have seen it in liquid laundry detergent recipes. If it is a bar soap you can use it when you are hand washing items like undies or scrubbing stains out of clothing.

  5. YOu did a great job in your laundry room. Mine needs a deep cleaning since it has gotten disorganized and some things got piled on the dryer that needs to be hand washed or dry cleaned. That little puppy of yours looks so cute and cozy in his little fleece sweater. :)

  6. Look at that cute puppy! Your laundry room is way bigger than mine. I have a closet that the appliances barely fit into if you hold your mouth just right... is that a phrase everyone knows or is that just a local thing? lol Anyway, I have been looking for ideas for a hanging waste basket for dryer lint.... yours is perfect. Thank you!

  7. Love your laundry room! January is the perfect time to spruce things up-it's too cold for anything else! I love your new puppy! That name alone is cute!

  8. There are several You Tube videos on ways to use the Zote soap instead of making homemade laundry detergent.

  9. What a cute laundry room, and it looks real!!! Love that, too. I agree with you about homemade laundry soap - been there, done that, and didn't like it after awhile. I use any type of white bar soap on stubborn stains and Dawn original blue on greasy or oily stains - works great! Happy New Year!

  10. Cute dog sweater!
    I tried the homemade laundry soap a few years back and I don;t like it either. I use my zote soap now just for rubbing on stains before washing. It works well for that.

  11. What a sweet pup. He looks so proud of his little shirt that you made for him.

  12. The cherry pie looks delicious! And, your laundry room is really cute. =)
    Such a sweet puppy - he looks cozy in his new sweater!

  13. Your new puppy is so cute!!

    There's just something about January that brings out the cleaning urge in me, too. The laundry room looks great! I spent every spare minute today cleaning up piles of clutter and going through papers. I even got rid of a few magazines, only to be told by my youngest that I had thrown away a MAGAZINE and why would I do that? I had to laugh and tell her that yes, I meant to do that, I just didn't have room to keep them all forever:)

  14. That pie looks delicious, I always bake on the foil its so much easier to clean all the spills. Your laundry room looks great, I wonder why you don't like home made detergent, I tried for a while and didn't like it either it left my whites yellow. Ducky is so sweet.


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