If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sewing, meals and a big yard sale haul- really long post

One of my April goals was to sew these 15 pairs of sleeping shorts.  I did finish them and they came in very handy. 
Our son in law had to go to Washington D.C. for work, it was a 5 day trip over a weekend and our daughter was able to go too. 
Their 3 children didn’t go.  They have 2 other sets of grandparents who helped with them and we had them for 3 overnight stays.  
They children loved picking out their shirts and shorts at bedtime and I didn’t have to fiddle with matching them all up.  

These 3 love fruit so we made 2 fruit trays before they got here.  These made meal time so easy- I just needed to add a main course and vegetable.  

For one meal when their great grandparents also joined us,  I baked a simple layer cake.  It was a big hit.  
Cake makes a meal more like a party.  

More Kitchen doings——-

A sandwich box and as soon as I make it,  my husband made himself a sandwich.   

This supper started out as a head of cabbage, some leftover baked potatoes and smoked pork from the freezer. 

It’s not a pretty meal but it was delicious- stir fried cabbage, hash browns and pork. 

This meal was Salmon patties, sautéed fresh spinach and baked sweet potato cubes. 

Pigs in a blanket, Caesar salad and fruit - 

We’ve ate one watermelon this spring and it was so good - it was a seedless one from Aldi.  I’ve since bought a second one and I hope it’s the same. 

My son and I went to 3 rummage sales early this morning.  We bought most of this at a church sale, it was so organized and priced low.  

He got the stool for $5 and the cow painting for .25

At a different sale, I got the 3 big things- $3 scooter, $5 shopping buggy, $5 riding toy and  the .25 tool box was at the church sale.  

Look how much the tiger riding toy sells for on Amazon 😳

These metal kitchen things are mostly for sandbox toys.  Our sweet puppy has been chewing on the plastic sandbox toys but I don’t think he can chew up these. Most of them were .05 each except the 2 bigger pans were .50

The square is a Pampered Chef stoneware baking dish .50
I think the Oneida pottery clover canister will look for St. Patrick’s Day. 

More miscellaneous 

And more- the box of beads has so many beads in it. 
I’ve looked at the Operation game but it may be a dud- the parts are so so tiny.  

The basket and 2 big planters were .75 each
The big bowl was .50 and I think the whisk broom was .10.  

 2 pair of like new shorts for a grandson .50 each 

And 8 crocheted dish cloths- never used- for .10 each 

Ducky got a .25 Olaf toy 

I hope all of you are fine  and that you liked seeing what I’ve been sewing, cooking and buying.


  1. Wow! You really went to town with shopping and you still spent very little. That's amazing. It's a good thing your grandchildren like fruits and veg. I'm sure they eat so very well when they are your home. Lucky little peas ;-)

  2. I love rummage sales. About 12 years ago I went to one in a tiny town in Oklahoma, and I found three Coldwater Creek dresses for 50 cents each. I still wear them today, and they are simple enough that I can use scarves, belts, jackets, etc, to dress them up or down. You really did great with that riding toy--I saw it in an article not long ago, and I know how expensive it is. Good job.

  3. All those sleep shorts you made are beautiful. I love the meals you make the children. They must love your place! You are a great Grandma. I also love the moulds you got and the idea to use them for play. My Granddaughter has one of those ride on bugs. She has the ladybug one and yes they re very expensive. They do last forever. She pushes it around the house, it taught her to walk really. You work so hard. Have a good new week. I am here planning mine... and it is a gorgeous sunny day so I will get out and get some sunshine! With love Annabel.xxx

  4. Nice finds, Rhonda! The riding toy was a great buy.

  5. I love the sales and you got such great deals too! I bet the grandchildren loved staying with you. So fun.

  6. What fun. You got some fantastic deals. I can't wait for yard sales.
    By the way, I LOVE the cow picture!!!!!!

  7. Rhonda you hit the jackpot with the sales! We have nothing like that here, people price their items as if they're selling retail. Everything you bought would have cost me 10x's that amount. Love those jammies and how great that the grands love their fruit/veggies!! Ducky is getting so big such a sweetie. Have a great week,Patti Ann.

  8. Wow! I have had my eye on that tiger riding toy for our youngest grandson whose parents are HUGE Clemson Tiger fans but the price just stops me every time. Great find along with everything else!

  9. What a great idea to make the sleeping shorts! Do they stay at your house for visiting grandkids or do they go home with them when they leave your house?

  10. Your grans are darling and will enjoy all the toys! Great sale finds!

  11. Great shopping, you found some really nice treasures.

  12. Those were amazing yard sale finds. We never see prices that low where I live.

  13. I always enjoy seeing your frugal finds and what you're cooking up, Rhonda! Ducky is such a cute puppy, too - he looks so sweet.

  14. I love the fact that you got some sewing done! And, all that cleaning of your kitchen. Wow, I'm impressed.

    I did none of those things this weekend, although I have have my niece and nephew over since Thursday evening. My niece went home with her big sister today and we just have "The Boy" left here for 1 more night, church, then tomorrow afternoon for a bit. What I did do today was garden. We had to clean up, chop down, dig with a shovel, till, and then could finally plant a few things. I took care with what I planted, so it took quite a while. The tiny onion starts are especially difficult to plant, and I'm glad I got them planted. I'm very satisfied with what I got done, and hope I can do a little more tomorrow afternoon:). Of course, that all depends on how the afternoon goes, and whether or not I can move my sore muscles at all:). It was fun and rewarding, and will save a ton of money over the summer.

  15. You are such a good Grandma. I am sure that your grandchildren just love spending time with you.


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