If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A favorite thing, a repair and 2 little sewing projects

One is my favorite things is our adhesive box.  Because I sew and craft and because we fix things,  we have several kinds of tapes and glues.  
A few years ago, I rounded most all of them up from various places in our home and put them in one container.  
It is so handy now when anything needs done, we just look in the “glue box” and get what we need.  

This box is on a shelf in the craft room closet- easy to find.  

Elizabeth’s sandal had a separating sole and she asked if I could fix it.  
I used Fix All adhesive from Dollar Tree and clothespins to clamp it shut while the glue dries.  
One sole was half off and the other one was just starting to come apart.  

Hopefully they will be fixed when the glue sets.  

It is humid in Oklahoma and drinks in bottles really sweat in the summer.  
I don’t really care for wet bottles so I sewed up a couple of home made Koozies.  
They are just scrap quilting fabric, with fusible batting inside and Velcro for the closure.  

Bottles vary in size so if you sew some,  just figure out the best width and height for your bottle. 
My bottle is 16 ounces and the finished Koozie is about 10 inches by 5 inches.  

Remember Scrunchies from the 90s?  
I saw this YouTube video and decided to make some 


Her instructions say the fabric should be cut 4.5 inches by 18 inches.  That works perfect. 
She recommended the elastic be 8 inches but that was too long for my fine hair.  I shortened my elastic to 7 inches.  

It’s been raining all day and this has been a perfect day to stay home and fix and sew.  


  1. You have some of thee best ideas. I always get inspired!

  2. Love the idea of an adhesive box. Brilliant!!!

  3. I like your cosies and scrunchies. I definitely remember the hey dey of the scrunchie. I don't see many in the stores these days. I hope the sandals stay glued together well enough to wear through the season.

  4. I agree with Cheryl! It's amazing how clever you are! When things are organized it makes work so much more simple.

  5. I remember making tons of those scrunchies for some of my older girls when they were little. What a great idea to make some more for my youngest!

    I also like the water bottle cover. We don't have the high humidity here often, but it still might be nice to have a couple of those covers.

    I want an adhesive box, now. It sure would come in handy. IF I could get people to put things back in it, I might even leave it out so it was accessible. Otherwise, it would have to join my always-growing pile of things in my bedroom that I'm keeping for myself! I have lots of ADHD people that flow through my house and they would "borrow" and never give back most of the items in a highly desirable box like that:). That would also be a marvelous idea for a wedding shower gift, or a housewarming gift.

    1. That's a GREAT idea to give something like this as a gift!

  6. I have a scrunchies in my hair right now. They don't pull my hair the way the elastic ones do.

  7. I remember having hair to put in scrunchies back in the eighties!

  8. This post reminded me of a line in a movie--"The 80s called. They want their scrunchie back!"

  9. The fix it basket. I have an entire fix it shop!

  10. Thanks for the scrunchie link...I can't wait to make some.


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