If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Birthday fun and easy meals

Hello everyone 🌞

With my craft room in order, it was easy and fun to make this birthday card.  I used a circle paper punch, embroidery floss, scrap paper, a glue stick and a rubber stamp. 

Our oldest granddaughter, Elizabeth, turned 8 ❤️

Her momma (my daughter, Nina) made her a very fun surprise center cake. 
When cut, candy and sprinkles pour out.  It was a very special cake and it tasted delicious too. 
Nina also fancied up my husband’s insulated iced tea cup.  She uses some kind of inks, epoxies and a turning contraption.  They turn out beautiful and she has a busy little side business starting with them.  

I haven’t made a pretty to do list lately but I made one yesterday.  

My husband has a little garden in our backyard.  Yesterday he picked onions, a few peppers, basil and lettuce.  

Supper last night was easy
Hash brown potatoes
Spinach from the garden with onions and a little bacon
Chopped veggies with cottage cheese- I like balsamic vinegar on mine ❤️

Another easy meal was fajita bowls. I cooked 2 diced chicken breasts in one pan, 2 onions and 2 bell peppers in another,  when done I mixed them together and seasoned with garlic salt, pepper and lime juice.  
Serve on top of rice and add salsa, sour cream and cheese as desired.  

This is so good and is good leftover too.  


  1. You just gave me some wonderful ideas on making cards. I have always used pictures I have taken on cards - but love your ideas.
    Oh the cake looks wonderful!!!! Great job.

    All the food looks so good. You are having a nice week - for sure.

  2. Happy birthday to your granddaughter- the card was adorable! And I love the list you made too - It helps take the sting out of what needs to be done when the list looks pretty doesn't it? lol

  3. I love that card. What a neat idea!!! Burrito bowls look amazingly good.

  4. What a super cool birthday cake!!

  5. I love making homemade cards and yours is very cute! How did you glue down the embroidery floss? The cake that Nina made is incredible...that is one of the coolest cakes I've ever seen! I can only imagine how delighted a child would be with this cake.

    Nothing better than picking veggies out of your own garden. Can't wait until later this summer when tomatoes are ripe. I do burrito bowls or wraps often.

  6. Gosh I love that cake...so cute and I bet she was surprised. Your dinners look good too!

  7. What an awesome cake!!!!
    And card as well!
    Love your garden treats...
    We had a salad tonight too with garden lettuce.
    My husband's mother made the best summer meal!!!
    She took garden lettuce, and mixed miracle whip with vinegar and garden scallions.
    She browned boiled garden potatoes until crispy.
    Then she topped the potatoes with the lettuce and the vinegar mixture.
    So good!

  8. You always impress with your projects and organization. I like what you did with the cards and the birthday cake is awesome. The harvest from the garden looks very good. I'm sure your husband is pleased.

  9. So happy to see your list back. I would be absolutely lost without mine now. Your food looks great as usual and Happy Birthday to you Elizabeth! Does your daughter sell those mugs on-line at all?

  10. Your supper looks yummy! I love diced potatoes and onions like that.

  11. Yum!! These meal ideas are going in my file.

  12. I've been following you for a while now and I just love your posts, your lifestyle, your home, your industriousness. Can I come live with you? :-))

    seriously, Thanks for your blogging! You are the first person I 'know' from Oklahoma.


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