If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Flag Day, 🇺🇸, cooking, sewing and a money making App

Hello everyone
Today is Flag Day in the USA so we posted our flags in the front yard.  

My daughter’s birthday was this week and we had a last minute family birthday supper here.  
I decorated the dining room with flags and they may just stay up until Labor Day.  
None of the decorations are new.  
I made the primitive flag on the wall more the 15 years ago
The table runner is maybe 10 years old.  

The 2 sets of flag banners are sort of new- I bought them several years ago at a big Veterans hospital gift shop.  They were 75% off and I think that made them .50 cents a package.  

We were out of homemade pasta sauce so I made a big batch this week. 
I don’t use a recipe.  I sauté the onions in a little olive oil, then add canned tomatoes (whatever purée, crushed, sauce or paste on hand)  It gets seasoned with salt and pepper, garlic, basil, oregano, Italian seasoning and just a little sugar.  It gets simmered and I add seasoning as needed, just adding and simmering until it tastes right. 

Then I put it in containers and freeze until needed.  
My family really likes it.  They say jarred sauces are too sweet.  
I’ve been making it like this for years.  

I like to sew burp cloths for baby gifts but I was all out of baby flannel.  So I made myself go to Joann last Saturday when the baby flannels were just $1.99 a yard.  They rarely put it on sale that low.  
I also used my military ID for 10% extra off and got back 5% from Ibotta.  
I can make lots of burp cloths and bibs with all this cute fabric.  

Have you heard of a Secret Shopper program called Field Agent? 
I got the app a few weeks ago but hadn’t tried it. 
Then one afternoon we were going to Lowe’s and I hadn’t planned supper.  I saw a job on Field Agent to order pizza on the Little Caesar’s app.  If I filled it all out, Field Agent would reimburse me for the pizzas and pay me $4.50.  
So I tried it, answered the questions they asked about the pizzas and service and sent the photos they requested.  
It was easy and delicious.  
And I was paid and reimbursed! 

I also did a job at Walmart that worked the same way, I bought a bag of Kraft cheese and was reimbursed and paid $2.  

That’s my history so far on Field Agent.  
Pay is made by direct deposit. 
Jobs vary everyday and I’m guessing bigger towns have more jobs available than in the not big town I live in.
My daughter has also done a couple of Field Agent jobs and she likes it too.  

You won’t get rich doing Field Agent,  but if you want to make a bit of money and maybe get free products, I recommend it.  
There is no referral program so just sign up if you want to try it.  


  1. I love your decorations and they would be perfect till Labor Day. I left my flags up that I have outside too. Have a good week! That app sounds good!

  2. Lovely decorations. The sauce sure looks god and will be nice to have on hand.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Your home is so Americana right now... I love it. I've never heard of Field Agent jobs, but it's sounds like a fun and free hobby. You bought up some pretty flannels; have fun sewing from your new stash!

  4. You made that flag? It's gorgeous.

  5. The flags are so nice and the one you made is fantastic. I also make tomato sauce but I use fresh tomatoes and I preserve it in jars. The fabrics are so cute I love the frogs.

  6. Your patriotic decorations are fantastic!

  7. We are in total agreement about pasta sauce. Jarred sauces just don't make the grade here either. I do the same with freezing it and we enjoy it for months. My secret ingredient is Worcestershire sauce. It gives it a real depth of flavor that we miss if I leave it out.

  8. I love your decor!!!!
    And your pasta sauce sounds/looks delicious!
    I do the same thing...and have started using fresh herbs lately.
    What a difference!
    Thanks for that info.
    I haven't heard about that!
    Have a cozy weekend. : )

  9. Thank you for Field Agent! I just signed up!

  10. Your home is beautiful. Decor so nice!!! Love the runner. Thanks for sharing about the app. Spaghetti Sauce is on my to make list thank you for sharing.

  11. Your flag stuff reminds me of my grandmother. She kept her house decorated in patriotic decorations year round. <3

  12. Joann's, Ibotta and Coupons.....I shopped for flannel for receiving blankets this week!! No babies or showers here....just charitable donation.

  13. I'm jealous! You got to go to JoAnn's:). I haven't been for a while, but that's because I'm not getting any sewing done. We are done, however, with parties for a little while. Whew! They have been fun, but I'm ready for mundane living again.

    I'll have to look at that app. I was wondering how to get into a mystery shopping kind of experience, it intrigues me. The Ibotta app that you recommended has been working well for me, although my earnings are not as rapid now that I'm not getting those big bonuses they give you for joining. In fact, I entered a whopping 50c this past receipt. Still, it all adds up and I have a big chunk in there now that I will cash out before long.

    I love all your flags.

  14. I love the whale fabric. It is so cute. I will have to check out field agent. I am always looking for ways to make some extra cash. My list for the week is here: https://mcoia.blogspot.com/2018/06/my-frugal-list-week-of-june-11-2018.html

  15. I love your decorations. How cool that you got paid to eat pizza!

  16. The decorations look great. And I love the fabric you bought for the baby bibs and burp cloths!

  17. I love that baby flannel! And I love your pride in your beautiful country! xxx


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