If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday list and some coupon shopping

I started the week with a new to do list.  
As always, I don’t use a fancy planner.  I just hand write out what I plan to do in a week.  It’s on notebook paper and decorated with Dollar Tree washi tape and some older rubber stamps.  
It hangs on a clipboard outside the pantry door.  I just check things off when they get done and  
sometimes I refer back to the list when I feel scatterbrained and can’t remember what to do 😂

Monday’s supper was soft tacos and Tuesday’s supper will be hamburgers so I chopped and sliced the toppings for both at the same time,
The burger toppings are in the fridge and will be fine tomorrow evening.

I have done very little coupon shopping for several months but our laundry supplies were getting low and I saw these great deals at Dollar General.  

I used some DG digital coupons and some newspaper coupons, and also the $5/25 coupon that Dollar General usually offers in Saturday.  
After all were deducted,  I paid just $11.20 for 4 Tides and 3 fabric softeners.

Dollar General has a very similar sale going in this week too.  

On our beach vacation,  we stopped at a CVS to get some supplies.  After that purchase,  I ended up with a $5 ExtracareBuck and a $8/60 purchase coupon.  
I didn’t want to waste them so I looked over the new ad and we stopped at CVS before church Sunday morning.
I had worked out what I wanted to purchase and had it organized with prices, sizes and coupons.

CVS deal shopping requires a good bit of planning and organization.  But it’s worth it.  
Before coupons, my total was over $80. 
After coupons, I paid $25
And I got back $20 in ExtracareBucks and a $5/40 coupon on my next purchase.  

At CVS, I used the coupons in the above photo as well as 2 CVS digital coupons and a $1 coupon that printed at the  CVS red machine.

I don’t coupon shop everyday but when I see deals as good as these,  I try to do them. 
Tide cleans our laundry best and I’m very happy to be stocked up with it.  

I hope you’ve all had a nice Monday ❤️


  1. I hope your summer is going well! Those were fantastic Dollar General deals.Smart chopping for two meals at once. I miss blogging almost every day but I sure am enjoying the summer off.

  2. You know how to get the bargains!!!!
    All the best,

  3. Wow!!! I am super impressed with all your deals! I used to be so good about really seeking out the deals and combining coupons and sales. It was a huge fame to me and one I enjoyed. I so need to get back to that!

  4. I always enjoy seeing your to do list! I was wondering what kind of sewing machine you had gotten and if you were liking it. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Hamburgers and tacos...2 of our favorites. I always love how you chop things up and get organized for your meals.

    I'm just having some quiet time reading blogs while everyone else is sleeping. Then, I'll head to bed. I think we wore this crew out. We have our niece and nephew until Sunday, so we started the morning with the swimming pool at the YMCA. Then, Rob took our niece and youngest daughter to the senior center where our niece volunteers on Thursdays. Then, they headed up to a railroad museum our niece has been wanting to visit. It was very small, and they were done quickly, but she got her dream of going.

    I stayed home and fed and took care of The Boy. He was hungry today, so would do something, eat, do something, eat more.....you get the idea. So, I fixed something, cleaned it up, fixed something more, cleaned it up some more....you get that idea, too! I did get some peach jam made, and a little cupboard organizing in the cupboard where I keep my jars and canned items. It needed a little re-arranging to fit all the newly-filled jars in the right places.

    Tomorrow, I hope to clean a bit. It looks like a tornado has gone though my house. Oh, wait...it has! And, his name is Jake. I treasure these times with the kids--I know how quickly they will be grown. It's worth the mess to me.

    I just want to be able to walk out the door, unscathed, should the need arise. At least the train set is picked up right now, so I don't have to do the obstacle course when I want to go anywhere, stepping through loops and around little wooden forests in fear lest one tree fall and I get scolded. And, hopefully, every single Lego has been put away for the night, so no one has to do the dance of pain after stepping on a stray, at least for tonight. Hopefully, the laundry I washed today will get folded tomorrow, and that maze of baskets can be stacked away as well. The chicken soup is in good supply and my noodles are holding out. The peanut butter and whole wheat bread is still in good supply, as is the juice. So, there's food they will eat, clothes for them to wear, and the movie "Cars" to look forward to tomorrow. It should be a great day!

  6. I really like how you list your coupons on paper, I have to do that. I get to the store and get so confused.

  7. You did great. I love when that works out so well.


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