If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, August 13, 2018

Let’s start with food..........

Good morning everyone
I just looked at the possible blog photos I’ve taken recently and they seem to be all related to food, bargain shopping and home sprucing up. 
So I’ll post the food highlights today and move on to the others later this week.  
That way each post won’t be as long a book πŸ˜ƒ

We really like okra and in the south, it’s usually battered or coated with cornmeal and fried in lots of oil.  It’s delicious that way but not healthy. 
I recently read to just cook okra plain and we like it so much this way. 
I’ve been buying frozen sliced okra at Walmart. 
To cook, I heat up a nonstick skillet with just a teaspoon of olive oil.  Then I add a single layer of frozen okra and cook it on medium high, flipping it as need to get both cut sides nice and brown.  Add salt and pepper as desired and some diced onions toward the end of the cooking so they don’t burn.  
It’s isn’t slimy and is just so good! 
If you try this,  remember the single layer is important.  If you try to cook a big batch for a group, in 1 pan, like I did 😱 You Will End Up With Okra Mush.  

Naked Fried Okra is my new favorite side dish and I’ve been cooking it at least twice a week this summer.  

I usually buy our weekly produce at Aldi.  I’m thankful Aldi is close by and ours is very nice with a quick turnover on everything.
This week’s produce is not a rainbow but seems to be all red and green.
The tiny tomatoes are not from Aldi but from our little backyard garden.

I offered to help my daughter out by making freezer sandwiches for her 2 children that are starting school soon and like to take homemade lunches.  
Below are all the ingredients set out before I started assembling.

I shopped at Walmart for these ingredients and found French bread for .32 a loaf. 
When we have big dinners,  everyone likes bread.  So I got 4 loaves. 

I sliced them all lengthwise and spread them with softened butter.  
I used 2 sticks for the 4 loaves.

Then I sliced each loaf about every inch or so.

Then I wrapped each loaf in foil and put them in the freezer.  
When we need bread for a meal, these will either get heated in the oven or outside on the grill depending on what meal we have.

I’m not picky about many brands but I do prefer the Reynolds foil in the Heavy Duty for wrapping food.  

For sandwiches,  I made ham and cheese on both tortillas and soft white bread.  
No condiments were used as the online advice says the condiments make the sandwiches soggy and these 2 grands aren’t crazy about condiments anyway.

I also made peanut butter and jelly on seed bread, the Walmart variety that is so much like Killer Dave bread, but half the price. 
I made 2 PBJ on tortillas but I don’t recommend them as I think they will be very messy as the fillings seem to just  squeeze out when I rolled them up.  

And everything was put in zipper bags and into the freezer, ready for lunchboxes when school starts for them this Thursday.  

I hope you all are having a great August 
I plan to post tomorrow some shopping deals.  


  1. I'm going to try your okra recipe! I have about half a bag of frozen okra left over from another recipe (that I didn't really love, although I like okra), and I've been trying to figure out a way to use it up, so thank you! :)

    1. Hope you like it! I really like it and it’s so quick and easy to cook.

  2. I love the prep ahead...it's helps a lot on those busy mornings. School starts the first of Sept here...not long.

  3. I'm sure your daughter really appreciated having the freezer sandwiches ready. You are a great mom and a great grandma.

  4. Excited to try your naked okra but hubby may take some convincing because he grew up with okra breaded and fried in bacon grease. We have a grocery outlet and they regularly have Dave's bread for $1 a loaf. I am going to try a loaf since you say it is so good.

  5. I also want to try the naked okra. My favorite way to eat it is to saute some onion, add the okra then fresh chopped tomatoes. I usually saute all of this in a little butter but olive oil is also good.

  6. No okra here. You can enjoy it for both of us. :)
    School starts on Wednesday here. I imagine I'll make a few lunches, but not every day. I'm kind of looking forward to that part again. That and the quiet. Shhhhh.

  7. I love okra, especially in soup! I also buy it frozen. YUM! Thanks for sharing how you make sandwiches for the freezer. I am passing it along to someone. I love when I can find bread cheap at Walmart but I have never found it for $.32. It's usually marked down to $ .89 here.

  8. I am always inspired by you!!!
    Great tips.
    And only Reynolds Wrap here too!

  9. two vegetables I don't eat, okra and beets! Great idea on the freezer sandwiches. My grandkids don't eat sandwiches, they pack hard boiled eggs, yogurt, hummus, veggies and fruit. As soon as dinner is done, my daughter in law has them pack their own lunch boxes and then just looks them over and tell them if they need to add anything. The lunch boxes go in the refrig and ready for the next school day.


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