If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Company coming for lunch

It’s Saturday and I think a simple lunch is suitable for our guests coming today.  
I made turkey and cheese on little buns from Walmart
Ham and cheese on croissants from Aldi 
Mustard and mayonnaise for each person to add as desired 
A bowl of chips- Poppables and 2 kinds of Sun Chips
Fresh cantaloupe, strawberries and red grapes
Homemade cookies 
Beverages will be iced tea, lemonade and water. 
I have both the coffee maker and tea maker loaded and ready to turn on if anyone wants a hot beverage afterward. 
Paper plates, cups, utensils and napkins will also be used - they are only used when we’re hosting a group
That’s it 

The cookies are a recipe that I’ve been making since 2012.  They stir up quickly, no mixer needed.
I make as the recipe says but I omit the raisins, use extra cinnamon and usually use vegetable oil and plain Greek yogurt.  I know those sound odd for cookies but if you read the recipe,  you’ll see.

I made these cookies earlier this week and took them to my parents when my brother and 5 grands were there.  Everyone enjoyed them.  One grandson said “Grandma,  I know what job you should get when you get a job,  you should be a chef”.
I have zero plans to look for a job but I do think I’ll bake cookies for my grandchildren more often.

And the cold things are covered and in the fridge just waiting for lunch time.


  1. It looks like a great lunch and the best part is it looks to be easy! have a great lunch and weekend.

  2. I love an easy and hearty meal. That was a great compliment!

  3. What time is lunch? I think you should be a chef too!!!!! Too cute.

  4. I read this without my glasses, then got them to type my reply. I thought your grandson wanted you to get a job as an elf (Like a Keebler Cookie Elf)
    The meal looks great.

    1. Ha ha - I have no plans to get a job as elf of any kind either 😂

  5. Nice lunch and I'm hungry so let me know what time we eat ;-) It was so cute what your grandson said to you. Clearly you are speaking to his stomach with love and food.

  6. I hope your company enjoyed your wonderful food for lunch. YUM!
    Thanks for the cookie recipe. I am sure my grandchildren will enjoy them as much as yours do.

  7. Your food, and the way you present it, always inspires me!

  8. Gosh I admire your organizing for a big crowd!You always give such great ideas and inspiration,thanks!

  9. Looks like a terrific company lunch to me.
    In response to your comment on my blog....
    I know what you mean Rhonda. Blogging has really changed. I've been reading blogs before you could find them easily on the internet!

    I dislike blogs with lots of pop-ups and ads that cover content.
    Be blessed dearie!


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