If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bobby's altered hoodie

This is my son, Bobby, the very helpful floor tiler.  He will try to do just about anything.  Right now, his wife is the singer for a hard rock band and they are doing lots of concerts and shows, not my first choice but their dream is to  make it big some day and maybe they will.....
Anyway, he grew up watching me sew and trying to do just about anything.  He showed me some very expensive rock-type clothing made by a company called Road Bone - I tried to link to them but their sites seem to be for friends only. They sell alter jeans, jackets and hoodies for $200+ 
Their clothes are regular clothing items that they just alter, by dying, adding patches from old jeans or leather clothing or fabric,  some ripping and fraying. 
I showed Bobby and Bridgette how it seemed to be made. They got a few fabric scraps and rubber stamps from me. 
Here is Bobby modeling his first original jacket, it started out as a plain black sweatshirt hoodie. 

a sleeve - he made the sleeve more fitted by taking in the inside seam, cutting off the knit cuff.  The design is made using a star stencil and spray bleach.

back of hoodie
he sewed stars and strips fabric inside the hood
front side - he added some brocade fabric and pockets from old jeans. 
very simple sewing - see the frayed edges?  that is how the expensive items at Road Bone are done too.

this is the bottom front. Bobby sewed on a jeans pocket but he left the top part unsewn so it still works like a pocket. 

If you have some young adults needing gifts,  you might want to be like Bobby and try making some altered clothing. 


  1. Your son did a fabulous job, SERIOUSLY!!!! Maybe he SHOULD start his own clothing line.

    My son was laid off 2 years ago from BMW, went back to college and has been making "plugs" (ear thingys I'm not crazy about, he is only allow the small ones;-) He makes about $200-$300+ a month, that helps with gas etc. May not sound like much, but for a 22 yo, full time student, rent free living, he is doing good and keeping busy.

    During my time as a single mom(17 years)I found many simple and creative ways to make extra money. The biggest surprise to me was how I couldn't keep the rag dolls in stock, and later taught myself to paint and sold handpainted "thrift store" furniture in the mall. What I paid $5 for, a customer was willing to pay $200.

    Long story short, my son started making plugs due to the high price. Now sells them for anywhere from $30-$70 a pair. Him and I have lots of fun hunting down different types of wood. Sounds like your son certainly has a big customer base to start with...if he is interested. All he has to do is wear that jacket to the concerts and I bet he will get orders.


  2. Very cool, Rhonda. I like unique stuff that no one else would have. It's fun to look a little different than the norm.

  3. I just have to say that I think Bobby's jacket is so cool and one that I can see others wanting! He is talented like his mama!!

  4. I think Bobby takes after his mother, he is very creative.
    His jacket looks amazing! Not my style, but I have to appreciate what he has done. Good for them.
    Hugs, cindy


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