If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, June 20, 2011

Make do and mend Monday

Elizabeth has a couple of cute long sleeve shirts here.
It is way too hot for long sleeves and these shirts will be
too small for her by the time it is cold again.
So, my make do and mend project today
was to alter these shirts.
I just cut off the sleeves....
turned under the edge about 3/8 inch and pinned it up.
then I just machine stitched with invisible thread.

I think the whole project took 15 minutes.

2 re-done shirts
perfect all the hot days to come

If you've done a make do and mend project or you want to read about more projects like this one,
pleas visit my friend Heidi


  1. That is such a great idea since kids do grow out of things far too quickly. It makes them a great way to grow with her a little longer before she can no longer wear them.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. Baby E is so LUCKY to have a grandma that can work magic on clothes!! Reminds me of that TV show Dresscue Me!You can find of episodes on YouTube.

  3. Great way to get 2 seasons out of clothes and then sell. Can always use the sleeves to sew onto some short sleeves in the winter. Can mix up colors!

  4. Cute! I've done this with jeans for myself and made shorts. I bet she looks really good in that purple color!

  5. Wonderful idea. They turned out great!

  6. What a great idea! You are such a smart grandma.
    Your little ones in the pool in the post before this one is so sweet. It brings back memories of my two when they were that age. Lots of work, but equally fun!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Hi Rhonda,
    Great Job.
    Have a wonderful day. We are finally getting some rain. Yea.
    Mrs. E

  8. Looks like they turned out good! They look nice and cool.


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