If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, November 18, 2011

the little stuff is at the top of my thankful list

Some cookies I baked today for a baby shower that Nina is hosting tomorrow.
The new mom is doing this new baby daughter's room in hot pink and zebra. 
Nina saw some cookies similar to these on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect for this occasion. The Pinterest version used peanut butter cookies dipped in pink sugar.  
The new mom is a RD so I am sure she follows the no nuts eating recommendation to avoid passing on allergies to the baby.
So I baked a double batch of  thumbprint cookie dough from Betty Crocker,
 and tinted it heavily with rose food coloring.   
The center is a Hugs flavor of the striped Hershey kisses 
I don't think I have ever made such hot pink cookies before,  these turned out delicious though!

I saw this cartoon on Facebook and  really like it .
I am just not a fan of rushing from holiday to the next,
I am not really a fan of rushing anything
So I will just be enjoying Thanksgiving for the rest of November.  
The December issues of Country Living and Martha with  their very pretty Christmas covers have arrived
but I will just wait until Dec. 1st to read them.

Sweet little Gavin and Elizabeth this morning
just a coincidence that they both wore Eskimo Joe shirts

Jimmy came for lunch and Elizabeth was so excited to see him.
Gavin would of been excited too but he had already left today.    

I am thankful for little things like a lunch visit from my son,  
sweet grandchildren, 
 fresh cookies,  
a funny cartoon,  
and new magazines

there are lots more things I am thankful and this is just the things I am thinking of right now

I added a few kind of new blogs to me on my sidebar.
One is the fun activities of an American family living in Europe.
One is a homemaker in New Zealand who follows Pinterest and actually makes something she pins everyday, then blogs about it.  
Another one is about thrifty things made at home and 
the one is  called Life at Kilkinney Glenn


Carol said...

So true. Great post.

Melanie said...

That cartoon is so funny! Yes, it seems the Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier every year. I don't like to rush things either.
Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the little things...very true!
Hope you have a great weekend.

terricheney said...

I have the Hoffman Publication The Christmas Cottage. Looked at it today but decided, like you, that December is a great time to read all about Christmas!

Joyful said...

Those are the cutest little cookies.

Cindy said...

Your grands are growing, I can see that just from one photo of them to the next. And again I say, they are so very CUTE!!!
The little things are the most important, I think.
Hugs, Cindy

Susan in SC said...

I think your cookies are just adorable! They are sure to be a hit! Uncle Jimmy must have a magic touch with Baby E!

Melanie said...

I enjoyed reading and seeing some of the things you're thankful for. I love new magazines, too and just happened to receive my newest edition of Country Living today. Like you, I don't like to rush holidays before their due time (let's celebrate Thanksgiving first - THEN Christmas!), so I'll wait to read this newest magazine until December. Your grandkids are so cute and your son very handsome. :-)

Rhonda said...

All those "little things" sure make a day filled with blessings. Have a great week, and happy Thanksgiving!

julie said...

Thanks so much for putting the link to my blog on your list!! I have to say you really inspire me. If I am ever feeling lazy, I just say..."If you do stuff, stuff gets done"...and then I am off and being productive.

Sharon said...

It's the little things in life that give us the biggest blessings. Your grandchildren are growing up so fast!! The cookies look delicious!

Betsy Brock said...

I'm so with you on the mixing of the holidays! We enjoy Thanksgiving just for what it is. I don't do any Black Friday shopping either. Nobody could lure me to leave the house the day after Thanksgiving, ever. ha.

Hope you've had a lovely day with your family. I'm thankful for you, Rhonda! :)

❤️ Rhonda ❤️