If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where has Rhonda been? long and rambling post here to catch up

Just a little busy.
baby Andie stayed with us for 10 days while her parents went to Sturgis. 
My parents came and stayed with us too so they could have some extended time with their great grands.
One of my brothers visited 2 different days and brought his girlfriend.
My other brother came too,  he stayed 2 days and brought his dog.  
Our children all came over too as much as they could.  

It was lots of fun but I was busy with meals for everyone and Baby Andie did not sleep quite as good here as she does at home.  


The grands are all doing great!
Little Andie is 5 months and looks big and is strong for her age.  
She certainly does not look like a premmie anymore.

Braeden just had his 1 month birthday and has grown from about 7 pounds to almost 10 pounds.  
I am very thankful for these 4 healthy, thriving and sweet children.  

National Smores Day 
It was National Smores Day last week so John and Nina brought the ingredients and prepared Smores Cookies that day.  They are a Pinterest recipe (of course!)  have a graham cracker crust that bakes and is topped with a marshmallow and chocolate.  
 They are delicious! 
 But a little hard to remove from the pan.  Next time,  I think they will use paper cup liners in the mini cupcake pans.  

The Heat!  
It has been another HOT record breaking summer.  

We had a stretch of about 7 days with temps over 110 -there were lots of fires in our state,  
one very bad one was just 1.5 miles from our home
We still need rain but are thankful the weather is cooler for now.

You may of seen this photo taken in my town,  
saying that it is so hot here, 
that the streetlights are melting.
Well,  it has been really hot but not that hot.

This streetlight melted because it was right beside a dumpster that caught fire,
 not because of the hot weather.

Funny "journalists" , huh?

Feeding everyone
It was too hot to turn on the oven so I used my crockpots most evenings for supper.
I have a 3 quart and a 5 quart crockpot. 

I made baked potatoes in one of them twice.
One meal was salsa chicken.
Another meal was a beef roast.
Also beef stroganoff type dish served on rice.

The favorite meal of all was a beef roast seasoned with taco seasoning and Rotel, cooked till very tender and  shredded in the small crockpot with refried beans cooked in the bigger crockpot.  
Another meal was reheated ribs from the freezer - son Bobby was a barbecue contest a few months ago and he prepared several trial runs of brisket and ribs - so it was nice to have that meat cooked and ready to heat during a busy time.  


Nap Time 

Granddaughter Elizabeth napping at our house.
The quilt she is covered up with is the last piece of patchwork my grandmother made,  I think Grandma was about 95 when she hand pieced it,   her eyes just got too bad for her see to do anymore handwork.
Grandma gave it to me and I quilted it.  It is just about the right size for a toddler bed.  

I think it is really sweet that Elizabeth is using a quilt from her great great grandmother.  

If you got this far,  
I will be back this evening to answer comments
It was really fun to see so many comments last week even though I did not have time to answer them then.


Lilac Dreams said...

Sounds like though it was a busy time you made memories.

I think the blanket E was sleeping with is special. I wish I had things like that to pass down to my kids from my Parents, but I did not, so I am making sure my kids have things to pass on down to their children and Their grand children.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear friend,
I was just getting ready to call the search and rescue team to come look for you Lol it is so good to see all is well and you have been having fun. Elizabeth is getting so big. I have been feathering my nest and cooking.

Susan in SC said...

You certainly have been busy! Such sweet pictures of the grands. They are growing so quickly!

Susan in SC said...

PS - I meant to also say that I LOVE your new header!!!

Wendi said...

You have been busy! :) Looks like many sweet memories were made.

Enjoy your evening!

terricheney said...

Oh that taco seasoned pot roast sounds good! And I believe that is my first glimpse of Braedon. I'm glad to see you 'back', missed you greatly, but I soooo understand how busy you were!

Debby said...

You HAVE had a busy time!!! What a blessing to have the house overflowing with family!!!

happeningswithLana said...

You have been quite busy!!! So glad your parents got to come and that the kids came by often! I am sure it was fun and tiring. All the grandkids are so cute and growing so big!!! Rest up.

Sue said...

Mmmm.. those s'mores look delicious! Goodness, you are busy!

❤️ Rhonda ❤️