If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, February 28, 2014

Frugal February -last post

We have company coming and will need extra snacks.  I am trying to use up pantry ingredients.
So,  I made a small batch of homemade buttercream frosting and spread in on a 1/2 of graham crackers for homemade cookie sandwiches- they are delicious and one of my dad's favorites.

Made a new recipe with melted white chocolate chips, pretzels, craisins and pecans.
Sweet N Salty snack Mix
there was 1 1/2 very ripe banana in the banana bowl,  my banana recipe calls for more but I used what I had and baked the banana bread recipe into 15 muffins,  they are fine even with less banana

we had this meatless entree last night, it is really good but next time, I am going to double the veggies to 8 cups.

Grocery Budget for February- had $101 left over

Gas Budget- we use a prepaid Walmart card and I don't know how it happened but we had $160 left out of the $200 we budget every month.  It has been so cold and we have stayed home a lot,  but I am wondering if we bought gas a time or two and it didn't get subtracted..... who knows.  I have been keeping records of some things but not that

Not frugal things
Husbands eye surgeries- thankfully his work insurance will cover most of it but it is a new calendar year and we had to pay the deductible.  But he is doing great and can see so much better even with just one eye done so far.  We are thinking his future eye glass prescriptions may be less expensive than his previous very strong and complicated prescription.  

My splurge
I have tried all kinds of things to get my fingernails to be strong and grow but nothing has worked.
So on Saturday,  I got my first ever fake nails and and polish at a salon.  I got short ones as I still want to sew and type and still need to do housework.  
I am very happy with them,  not a break or chip even after a week!  
fake nails are not thrifty and I know about the health questions,  but on this issue,  I plan to just go
with pretty nails, which I have never had before, and enjoy them. 

Joining up with 

She has done great in February, only buying dairy and using her pantry and freezer to keep her family of  6 fed. 


  1. Your nails look beautiful! I did a lot of couponing and stocking up this month, so we came in $15 over budget for the month. You have totally inspired me to do a Frugal March. The name isn't as catchy, but I hope my results come out as well as yours. Congrats on a great month!!

  2. Rhonda, my Mom has issues trying to grow her nails. She swears by Sally hanson nail strengther-it looks like a clear nailpolish to me. hth

  3. Rhonda, I need to add, Thank you! for posting the link to Finances on Friday. Please see my recent blog post as to why:


    Love the Internet!
    Carol in CT

  4. I'm going to have to try your graham cracker sandwiches some time. I seem to have leftover frosting whenever I bake a cake!

    Hope you have fun with your company! I love to have extras baked and prepared for when company is coming. Eating is something everyone enjoys and if you don't have to cook all day, it's more fun for you, too!

    The best part about being frugal is that you do have a little money to splurge! Good for you for doing something fun and pretty for yourself! I love the color you chose!

  5. Your nails look so pretty! It's amazing how such a simple thing can give such a boost, isn't it? Your snacks sound delicious - especially the pretzel snack mix, for me. I love sweet and salty mixed. I'm with you on liking to use up whatever is in the kitchen.

  6. I have a book about Laura Ingalls Wilder in which a woman says she went to visit and Mrs. Wilder, not having anything ready prepared for refreshments, made an icing glaze that she drizzled over graham crackers...I thought of her hospitality when you told of your graham cracker sandwiches.

    Love the nails! The color is beautiful and they look so natural that length. Enjoy them!

  7. I love your nails! It makes me want to go get my done soon. :D Your frugal accomplishments are great! I will be doing the same dairy only challenge as her. I can't wait to see what we can do!

  8. My husband always loves to put leftover frosting on graham crackers, so I always make sure to save a little out when I frost a cake so he can have his treat.

  9. Go You!! Glad you kicked up your heels and treated yourself to those cute nails!! Congrats on a great Feb.

  10. Rhonda, you deserve to have such pretty nails, and doing something that you have always wanted to do for yourself...you do so much for your family.
    I have had my nails done since 1982, and never have had a problem...I love pretty nails and hands, because the are always in view...
    Your frugal ideas are great too!

  11. Very cute nails! I've never done the salon thing either, but I'm so rough with my nails I'm afraid they'd be ruined. There's nothing wrong with doing something just because you want to. It's fun to enjoy a splurge!

  12. Your nails are so pretty and I love the snacks.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  13. Hi Rhonda!
    Your nails look great-- I think sometimes we just need to splurge on ourselves and NOT worry about. Glad to hear that the eye surgeries are covered and he is doing well with all that ...
    as to grocery budget, I'm switching gears with our shopping. Going to try the once a month shopping. Did that last month and it was great! Only had to go into town once for produce. Not too bad, really. I think we saved substantially.
    We're going a head with it this way now to give it a fair shake.
    I haven't been tracking our spending except maybe an average-- but am budget planning now!

  14. Enjoy the nails! And graham cracker sandwiches are a favorite here too! :)

  15. I think your nails look very pretty! I think it's important for us women to do at least a little something for ourselves to make ourselves feel pretty. Whether it be a manicure, new hair-do, a new outfit - it's definitely necessary to treat ourselves once in awhile!

  16. wow! Awesome grocery savings! Probably shouldn't have read your blogpost this close to lunch time- so hungry now! Especially for buttercream! ;-)

    Glad your hubby can see again...health costs are so expensive- it's good you have insurance that will cover most of it. You can be thankful for that.


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