If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's new here

Hello everyone, 
That list from last week kept me so busy and somehow it all got done or at least started.  Whew!w

We've had lots of much needed rain.  Our rose bushes are all blooming and look so pretty.  
Can you see the fresh cypress mulch on the flower beds? Our son did that.  I am so glad, it should mean lots less weeding this summer.  And it smells wonderful! 

Our 5 grands last Sunday - they are all thriving and healthy and happy 

My current big project is reorganizing and slightly downsizing the stuff in my craft room-this is what it looked like when I started last week. I'm still working on and hope to finish it up this week.
I am thankful to have so many supplies but they've got too messy- makes it very difficult to work in there.  This room has a big closet that wasn't being used to its best potential and that big set of industrial shelves takes up so much room.  It will be leaving and everything else is getting sorted and stored neatly with as much in closet as possible. 

I've started my list for next week and it is much shorter than last week's - I'll share it tomorrow when I finish it. 

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. Your grands are beautiful children!
    Good luck with the craft room. I weeded out and have mine a manageable place now. Hope you get yours where you want it to be.

  2. That's a sweet group of little tykes! They do look happy and healthy.
    Your roses look wonderful; my flowers have really took a beating from all the rain. Irises have heavy blooms and the rain bends them down. I've just been hoping we don't have a hail storm.

  3. What cute grandkids. I love your roses. They are amazing.

  4. What cute grands you have! It looks like you will be quite busy with your latest project. Have fun!

  5. your grandkids are so cute! All around the same age they will hang out together!
    I love your rose bushes so pretty. I received a yellow one for Mother's day...they smell so good!

    Have a great day...can't wait to see your room transformation!

  6. Your roses are beautiful! I only have one small rose bush - a gift from my mom last year. It has been so cool here this spring so far (just a couple of hot days) that plants and flowers are just now starting to bud and bloom. The leaves have reappeared on my rose bush but it'll be a long time before the flowers come. You have the cutest bunch of grandkids! You are so blessed. I can't wait until I have a grandkid (or more!) one day. I am helping my mom clean and out reorganize and decorate her craft room, too - a huge job.

  7. What beautiful grand children Rhonda! And I know another one on the way! My daughter is due THIS WEEK!
    Lovely roses too and I'm glad you had rain.
    I have just been through the craft room struggle... and it took several months but it now a nursery and I have a large cupboard for all my supplies. I thought I would NEVER get there!
    Hoping to hear your good news soon and be able to tell you mine as well! xxx

  8. Your little grandkids are so adorable. Don't you love getting them all together for pictures... it's like almost like catching frogs! they're everywhere and doing their own thing. ;)
    Your list are good to follow-- I'm not as faithful with MAKING lists nowdays...but should get back in the habit, everytime I see one of yours I think that.
    I used a spiral years ago when I was still homeschooling the kids. It works!
    The beds are pretty.
    I didn't mulch our garden boxes.. I have zucchini blooming like crazy...but I noticed the weeds need controlling.
    You have quite a stash of fabric. I need to contain my craft room a little bit better. Working in there everyday...should be a goal I set for myself. But I don't.

  9. The roses and the kids are beautiful. Love your craft room.

    Have a great week and Hugs,

    Cottage Making Mommy


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