If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, November 28, 2021

I think I’m back

Hello everyone, 
I’ve already blogged about things keeping us busy.  And you all know how the pandemic halted most travel plans. 
Well, my husband and I are vaccinated and boosted so we felt it was safe for us go on a Branson vacation we scheduled months ago.  
We celebrated our 40 and 41st anniversary during the “stay at home” days so we tried to make this long awaited vacation as memorable as we could.  

We spent a week in a condo and mostly saw lots of shows.  We ate a meal out everyday and then had light breakfasts and suppers in the condo.  
Outside the patio of our condo were pine tree with long skinny pine cones- they were about 6-8 inches long and I thought about bringing some home but they were full of pine sap and very sticky so all the pine cones stayed in Branson.  
The Duttons 
Steve, Larry and Rudy Gatlin 
Johnson Strings - their costumes light up and changed color 
Hughes Family Christmas 
Clay Cooper 
Jesus at the huge Sight and Sound theater 

We ate some very good meals but I only took a photo of this one 
Loose meat sandwiches at Heroes Tastes and Taps-  so good! 

We saw more shows but I didn’t  take photos at any of them.  
We shopped just a bit but I’m not much in a shopping mood these days.  

Branson is a great town.  It is very busy now as so many people are back vacationing.  
My advice - if you want to travel there- check online reviews for the attractions you’re thinking about, take lots of patience and take a big pile of money 

My husband and me- in the lobby of the Mansion theater where the Gatlins played just one show.  

I plan on blogging regularly now
See you all soon
❤️ Rhonda 


  1. Happy Anniversary & welcome back! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. It looks like you had a lovely vacation. What a great celebration of your two anniversaries.

    God bless.

  3. How did you like the show Jesus? I've never been to that theatre but I wasn't sure I wanted to watch that one. Was it very graphic?

    We're going to Branson the end of January.

  4. Jenny - Jesus was so good! It doesn’t diminish what Jesus went through but it was not graphic at all. My favorite part was when Jesus walked on water and Peter went out to him. It was boats on a stage and there was no ocean but it seemed so real.
    I think you’ll like it!
    On Facebook on the Branson review boards, I never read a single negative comment about the production of Jesus.

    We’ve been to S&S several times. We were big fans of Jonah and Joseph but weren’t crazy about The Nativity Story as we thought Mary and Joseph seemed to act like Disney characters.

    Hope y’all have a great time!

  5. It looks fantastic. Glad you got to take the trip and stay safe. Happy anniversary.
    Look forward to your blogs.

  6. How exciting for you two to get away at last. I am curious if you and/or others were masked against germs in the various venues? Looking forward to your upcoming posts. Happy holidays.

  7. Rita - because of our vaccination status, we did not mask except at a few venues that required masks. We saw some people in Branson masked but not many at all.
    Some theaters are booked full but some have spaced out seating.m
    In our opinion, at the time we traveled, we felt safe. But now with the new unknown effects O variant coming around, I’m not sure we would still travel.

    Very few masks in Branson- the rest is just my opinion

  8. I have the Branson travel book still in the wrapper to read this winter. Have always wanted to go. It looks wonderful, thanks for sharing! And happy Anniversary!


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