If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, June 11, 2010

How does my garden grow?

not wonderful but not terrible either. The flowers are doing better than the edible things.

our 3 tomato plants - kind of straggly but we've been picking a handful every day

jalapeno peppers - I thought I planted 1/2 bell peppers and 1/2 jalapeno, but they all seem to be jalapenos

dill plant with Gavin behind it

squash, cukes, cilantro

herbs and veggies - I think this shows the squash and cucumbers, maybe the basil and some radishes

Yellow rose bush from Aldi

tiny tea rosebush

a few sunflowers

Marigolds with tiny buds that should open soon and thumbelina zinnias


  1. Wow, you have lots of things growing! My grandmother loved yellow roses. :)

  2. Wow Rhonda you have a green thumb. Everything looks so pretty.
    Miss Candi said tell Theo her new backyard has a raccoon that lives in it. :) She isn't for sure she is going to like that. LOL

  3. You have lots growing! That yellow rose is just beautiful! We are just now getting a few ripe tomatoes, which is always exciting!


  4. I bought an azaela from Aldi's this year...loved the price!
    Thumbalina zinnias....ooohh...I want some of those! So cute!


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