If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yard Sales where price tags don't mean anything

I headed out to a few yard sales alone Saturday morning. Jeff was home smoking meat to stock our freezer. I only went to 4 and bought things at 3.
At the first sale I found this Fisher Price swing for Elizabeth to use at our house. It was marked $8.....

I also got these utensils there, they were marked 1 cent each.
So when I was checking out, the seller said - "I think that swing is $2 and you can just have the utensils"
I corrected her and said the swing was marked $8
She laughed and said "oh well, you can just have it all for $5"
I took it, I've been looking for a nice swing and have not found one for less than $25.

Now, on to another sale. See the price sticker on this pot - says 50 cents.
The other pot was not marked. I asked the seller how much they were, she said the tall one was $1 and the long one was 75 cents. I showed her the 50 cent price tag and handed her $2. She gave me back one quarter for change.
So apparently her price tags did not mean what they said either!
But I liked the pots and they will be great for backyard vegetables so I did not argue.

Gavin gets a pair of Carters jeans - marked $1 and paid $1.


  1. You got some wonderful deals as always, Rhonda! Especially on the baby swing.

  2. Went to a couple of yard sales last weekend and my daughter hit the jackpot! The lady sold her a whole set of Blue Willow dishes, bowls, teacups and saucers, including some blue Anchor Hocking tumblers for $25! Most of the Blue Willow was made in England. Nothing was marked, so she asked about a serving bowl and was quick to say she'd take it when told the price for the whole kit and kaboodle! :D You never know what you'll find!

  3. Great deals Rhonda! The baby looks so cute in the swing with her arm thrown up to the side like that. She is a sweetie! I also like the utensils.

  4. Great deal on the baby swing!! I usually go yard saling but skipped this weekend due to the heat. It is crazy hot here! Thanks for sharing your finds with us. :-)

  5. Wow...$8 was a great deal for the swing! But $2 is even better! :)

  6. Hahaha...you are such a good story teller...so funny how sellers differ from yard sale to yard sale. All wonderful bargains but the little carrier/swingy thing was a steal! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures.


  7. Well, you still got some great deals. My pet peeve is to go to a yard sale where nothing is marked.


  8. Yep! That is the funny thing about garage sales! I haven't hit any yet this year. Our place is so small that I don't have room for anything since we moved. :-)

  9. Awesome deal on that swing!!! Cute dress too!!!! Now I want some of your banana bread!!! :)

  10. I have to say that the banana bread looks so good! Are those vintage pyrex you baked them in? Love those utensils too!

  11. I'm inspired to do better at finding yard sales in our area. Those are great finds and deals.


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