If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, August 16, 2010

Brown bag lunches

Jeff takes a lunch box full of snacks and his lunch everyday to work.  When I worked, I also took snacks or lunch as needed with me.  Debbie  says she packs lunches and she asked me how I do our lunches.   Debbie this might bore you,  Jeff takes almost the same thing everyday.
A travel mug of coffee
a bottle of water to take with him when he is on the road
his entree is either a dish of last nights leftovers or a sandwich.  This lunch was a sandwich and dish of veg soup
2 servings of fruit - he has plums and cantaloupe in this one
1 serving of nuts and 2 string cheese

a bunch of grapes - I bag them into to serving sizes and store them in the fridge like that.
Nuts are one of our favorite things to snack on.  But it is really easy to eat way more one serving without even realizing it.  2 summers ago,  I got a case of 1 ounce portion cups at a yard sale.  The  portion cups are perfect for holding 1 ounce of nuts.  So when I open a new can,  I get out those little cups and divide them.  Then they are ready to put in a lunch box or a snack.
Jeff is a big fan of Del Monte peaches canned in light syrup.  When fresh fruit is not plentiful,  I open a big can of peaches and divide them into little jars for his lunch box. A big can will yield about 14 jars full.
Bananas and cantaloupe waiting to be eaten,
In the fridge,  bagged up grapes, cabbage soup in mugs, watermelon cubes in containers.    Fixing lunches is easy in the morning when things are ready to just pick up.
Jeff's string cheese.  Actually, everyone in our family likes them except me.

His lunch all gets packed into a little Rubbermaid cooler that he has been using for about 10 years or more. 

When I worked,  I liked sandwiches, fruit, nuts or high fiber granola bars. 
My favorite snack was hard boiled eggs with a few celery and carrot sticks and just a dab of ranch dressing for dipping.

for me,  the way to have healthy and easy lunches on the go is to plan and package ahead.


  1. Thanks Rhonda! You gave me some ideas for different healthier foods and ways to package them. I like the idea of putting the little bowls in the fridge. Today hubby took left over spaghetti, a sandwich, two packs of nabs, and a container of tea. We love nuts too and definitely eat way more than a serving. :o)

  2. Rhonda,
    You are very organized, I guess that's the way to get everybody out of the house quickly in the morning with everything they need, eh? I haven't had to do that for a long time. Interesting, though.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  3. That is very organized. Allen, Jaymee and I all pack lunches daily. I have all the lunch food in one section of the fridge. Jaymee even has her own drawer.

  4. Yup, that looks like a good way to prepare lunches :-)

  5. I love how you prepare lunches. I should be doing that for mine and hubby's lunches. Thanks for the great tips.

  6. I really like your lunch ideas! :)

  7. You are a woman after my own heart - I love the organization! My freezer looks very much like your fridge. I have individual servings of leftovers packed and ready to go. :)

    One question for you (and no offense intended) - I noticed that you use a lot of disposables for packaging. Could you save money by switching to a reusable water bottle and reusable containers for your fruit? Just a thought...


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