If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, August 23, 2010

This and that

The Hall Bathroom
Jeff helped me with the household cleaning Saturday morning.  I did the floors and cleaned out the fridge.
Jeff cleaned the bathrooms, emptied the trash and fixed the drain on my sink that was barely draining.   
 This bathroom looks pretty good after he cleaned it

 He put out 3 hand towels on the bar by the sink. 
 and then he put out 3 more hand towels on this bar - he said the grand children would like them.    
Not sure I would of put out quite so many - but if someone helps me with the house chores, they can do them just about any way they want to.

Sometimes you just gotta get rid of stuff

These  2 little round accent tables were purchased more than 10 years ago - on clearance at Walmart.  They have never been terribly sturdy but were OK if they did not have too much on them. 
I've been doing some furniture rearranging and ended up not needing them anymore. 
I've got a pile of things started to drop off at the thrift store but they were in such bad shape,  I put them in the trash.    Are you wondering why they had aluminum foil on top?  Well, the tops were rough pressed particle wood stuff and snagged the tablecloths. 
So, good bye flimsy end tables!

The Dress Jeff Bought

When Nina was born in 1984,  Jeff made a special trip to Dillards to buy a pretty pink dress for our daughter. 
This first picture is Nina wearing that dress. 

and this is her daughter Elizabeth wearing the same dress. 
They don't look exactly alike, but they are very similar. 


  1. Way to go Jeff---good job! Also a cute little dress you got for Nina! Elizabeth is such a SWEETIE!

  2. Hello,
    Jeff did a great job. Dave and I get so much done when we work together.We got rid of a lot of junk this week end too. Miss Elizabeth is so sweet.I posted the pie recipe. :)
    I love the dress.

  3. He can clean AND clothes shop! I'd keep him! :)

  4. If Greg ever cleaned a bathroom, I'm sure I'd fall over dead. Way to go Jeff!
    What fun to see Nina and Elizabeth in the same dress!

  5. The bathroom looks wonderful. I love the window which lets in natural light and I like the decor also. The two little girls are so cute and look lovely in the dress. How precious that mom and daughter could wear the same outfit.

  6. My husband bought a dress for our oldest daughter when she was born, too. I was so touched; it is not like him to buy baby clothes. It is also not like him to clean house. Good for Jeff!

  7. How sweet!

    The bathroom looks great!

    The aluminum foil is a neat idea, too. :)

  8. I can see the resemblance and they are both really pretty girls. Their dad and grandad is a special person, I can tell.


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