If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Harvesting seeds

 Here is one more baby step I just took in my hope to be a better gardener. 
I planted some marigold seeds this spring,  I got them as a freebie when I signed up for a sample of a cereal. 
They grew so tall and bloomed but they were really too big for the pots they were planted in. 
Well,  it is very hot here and I think they were about through for the summer.  Many of the old blooms were brown and dry as the desert. 
It occurred to me that there should be a way to save the seeds and replant them next year.  So I did search "how to harvest marigold seeds"  and found out.
 Inside the dry flower are many many seeds,  you just pull off the dry petals and the seeds are under the petals. 
See how many seeds  were in just one flower? 
that is a sandwich bag packed with marigold seeds,  all ready for sharing and for planting next spring.

There are 2 kinds of zinnia in my yard that should harvest just about the same way as marigolds. 
Our portulaca/moss rose has lots of tiny seeds in their dry buds too.  I will harvest them when they get drier.
I looked at the petunias but could not seeds in the dry flowers on them. 

Seed harvesting is very frugal - can you imagine how much that many marigold seeds would cost if you bought them in the little pouches? 

so, do you any of you harvest seeds and have any advice for me? 

and if you want to harvest your own seeds,  you might want to do a search to get more details in case I left out something in this post.


  1. We have saved many a seeds this way and passed them on. Zinnas you can save the heads too. I remember my grandparents doing this and putting seeds in a brown paper bag, closing with a bit of twine and hang on the rafters in the shed.

  2. Hi Rhonda, I've saved seeds from zinnias and marigolds in the past and it worked well. You are right, imagine how many seeds you get and the seed packets only have a few in them. They are making a lot of money off us! My grandparents saved seeds from lots of vegetables too. I remember them putting dried peas in a sack and beating the sack to get them out of the shells.

  3. We harvested some seeds last year from some pumpkins and gourds we bought. My husband planted some of the seeds in early July and we're beginning to see some vines form. I so hope we'll have our own pumpkin and gourd patch for our grandkids this year. I think it will be a hoot if they get to pick some from their Granny's patch!

  4. My husband's aunt always saved seeds from her flowers and veggies and kept them in the freezer to keep them from getting moldy.

  5. Wow. That is a major seed haul. Congrats on being so frugal. Does this mean that you'll soon be scouring yard sales for pots for all your flowers? I could see that being a lovely gift idea...

  6. You are doing great with your gardening skills. That's a great frugal thing to do. I'm glad your gardening efforts turned out well.

    Yes, I've heard you can put seeds in the freezer too.

    I'm retiring from gardening for now, but it's all good. At least I know next year I won't lose money again like I have the last 3 years, so that's frugal for me. :)

  7. My mom used to put all the seeds for the next year in the freezer.

  8. Hi Rhonda thanks so much for stopping by my blog I was just thinking about you/your freezer biscuts the other day. I lost your blog for awhile I think I kept going back to your other one and figured that you were all bloged out anywhooo I will be getting you on my favorites on my other blog home from my heart. have a great rest of the week

  9. I have tried harvesting seeds several times without any success. I do hope that it works for you, though, Rhonda.
    I just noticed that you live in Oklahoma, my mom was born in Henryetta and raised in Okmulgee and Tulsa. Do you live near any of those places? I have several aunts and uncles in Henryetta and Dewar, but they are all seniors and won't be around much longer. I long to go back and visit them before they are all gone. But, I know that will never happen.
    Hugs, Cindy S


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