If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making old stuff new and buying old stuff, just because I like it

This is my husband, hard at work sharpening our knife assortment. 

He borrowed this electric sharpener from our son and reworked every kitchen knife in the drawer.  When I cut up the carrots and potatoes for our lunch and the onions, bell peppers and jalapenos for our supper,  I could really tell a difference.  Sharp knives make kitchen work much easier. 

a close up of the handy little machine

We went to some thrift stores and the antique mall this afternoon and found a few treasures.
the orange thing is a very nice car shaped toddler swing - we have one hanging on the pergola but with 2 grandbabies,  2 swings will be nice - I think it was $3 or $3.50, a real deal with the ropes and hooks attached and in good condition.
a front end loader for Gavin
and a Fisher Price Happy Apple for $1 - my children had one when they were babies and they liked it so much,  I have been looking for one  and was very happy to find such a nice one.  I just looked on Ebay and they sell for a lot more than $1 there. 
I also got a black purse and a denim skirt for me. 

another piece of Pyrex - this casserole has a wheat design
some sort of vintage icicles for a Christmas tree
a juice jug
and a Texas plate. 

My town has some very nice thrift stores and they are great to shop at, especially when it is way too cold for yard sales.


  1. i remember either g'ma or mom having a juice jar like that. Plus my grandparents use to use those icicles all the time year after year. Nice finds for the kids too.

  2. Allen sharpens ours with his stone, but you are very right it makes a different if the knife is sharp.

  3. Oh I so agree about the sharp knives! I got a knife sharpener a couple of years ago and couldn't believe the difference!

    I think we had that exact package of christmas icicles when I was a kid. ha. How fun that you found them. Be careful with your grandbabies though...I seem to recall something toxic about them? Is that why they don't make them anymore? Can't remember now. You can always hang them up high.

    Smiling at your pyrex collection...it's growing!

  4. I love to go to thrift stores too! I love seeing your goodies! It's so much fun when you can find some things you love.

  5. I love the red wheat design! I call it! Jimmy

  6. Those are nice finds. I've been looking for a juice jar for some time now. New at Wally World they are waaaay over priced and they don't look near as cute as the vintage one you found. Loving the Pyrex too!

    You are so right about sharp knives and how sweet of your husband to take care of that.

  7. It looks like your town has some very nice thrift stores. You got some great bargains, that swing looks like a lot of fun! You are blessed to still have babies around, I say still because as you saw today, our baby grand son is four now. He is no longer a baby! You are lucky that your husband will let you put his photo on your blog. I may try to put one of my hubby on, one day this week because his birthday is Friday, the 29th. It won't stay up long, though, I will take it off when he discovers it, am I being mean? He is both shy and self-conscience, but I love the photo that I have of him.;o)
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. I agree, buying old stuff is soooo much fun!
    This reminds me...We need to buy a couple new knifes too.


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