If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, March 5, 2011

quirky things

All our bath towels are white, 
except for a few beach towels and old towels used for messes and Theo's baths.
White towels can be washed in hot water and bleach to kill germs with out fading
and they match any bathroom.
This week,  I found white hand towels and washcloths on clearance
-both of these were things we need and I have been looking for at a good price. 

I unwrapped them and then I cut off all the tags before washing them.
anybody else like white towels and no tags?

and even if you don't have to have white tagless towels,
if you do buy new towels,
 be sure to empty your lint screen if you machine dry
them the first time you wash them. 
it will be full!


  1. I use all different colors. I do like the tags off.

  2. I like fluffy, inexpensive, white towels also. I do not cut off the tags. They sure do make a lint trap full!

  3. I like white for everyday use because like you said I can bleach them a little. They come out looking new and are germ free. I use a few colors on a rack in the bathroom just to add to the way it looks. Fun!

  4. We have wash cloths and towels of every color, and some of many patterns. I do, however, lop the tags off of them.
    : )

  5. I have never thought to take the tags off. I do love nice, fluffy towels and I like the oversize towels.

  6. I love white towels and face cloths. I love that you can bleach them over and over and they stay looking good. That the only color I have bought for twenty years now.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Hi Rhonda,
    New flannel sheets do the same thing. I could believe the lint that came off them.
    I love your new towels.

  8. I love white towels, I've had them since my kids were small, lol, the lady at the store thought I was crazy to get white towels w/ small kids. I got them for the same reason you did - THEY CAN BE BLEACHED!!! I take the tags off too :-)

  9. White towels is my choice too. I have tried colored towels but just don't seem practical. I wish I could find some on clearance. I love bargains.


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