If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What $10 bought

Back in August,  I started a makeover of this dining room.  We changed out the carpet for tile. 
Jeff built the shelves for his plate collection.
I sewed up some new curtains. 
What we still needed was chairs.  Not just any chairs, as this room is not big and has 2 odd angles that look nice but take away from the square footage.
I've been patiently looking and hoping to find the right style.....

and it paid off'
we got 9 chairs for $10 for all of them!
They were an Ebay auction - surplus stuff our city was selling. 
I bid a lot higher because I really wanted them but nobody else bid on them so we got them for almost nothing.

small dining spaces need chairs with staight legs,  not the kind that flair out as they require more floor space.

yep - that is a vinyl tablecloth,  this is a real house with real people living in it. 
I like fabric cloths but with little ones and sometimes messy adults,  the wipe-off vinyl is just more practical.   

the flowers are a flat of dianthus that I got at Lowes last week.
They will soon be planted outside but our weather has been cold so they are staying inside for now so they don't freeze.
I think the flowers may of cost about the same as the chairs.  hmmmmm 


  1. wow...those chairs are quite a find! I'm laughing at how little you paid for them! How fun to find such a super deal!

  2. Wow Rhonda What a bargain. The dinning room is coming together nice. HGTV will be calling soon. :)

  3. That a great buy for you chairs and they look comfortable as well. I have a plastic tablecloth as well on my table. Ten year olds are just a messy as little ones!

  4. Those are awesome chairs! What an excellent find.

  5. Oh you did find a bargain! Wow. You did good. Love your flowers. I can't wait to plant some too. It is pouring rain here. We are suppose to get 2 inches tomorrow.

  6. This all looks really nice! I'm glad you found such a good bargain. :)

  7. That is a real find. Love how it looks.


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