If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, March 14, 2011

offspring that do stuff

Nina made this cute rainbow tutu for Elizabeth to wear when she celebrates
St. Patricks Day.
She also decorated Elizabeth's onesie with a pot of gold,
but since this picture from the back shows the rainbow tutu
best, you can't see the shirt. 
Son Bobby constructed this playset last week. 
He works doing odd jobs while he is in college.
He has always been good at mechanical things and constructing things,
so this playset was right up his alley.

Our backyard is not too big,
or I might be hiring him to build one in our backyard too. 

My children grew up in home where we always seemed to be making something  or cooking something or sewing something or fixing something.  I am happy that they still like to make things and they are not afraid to work when needed.


  1. That tutu is so colorful~~bet the top is cute too. My sister made tutus for Christmas presents for a few people. Gavin will enjoy that playset. Maybe he could do a smaller one at your house. Sounds like mom and dad taught values to the kids when growing up!

  2. That tutu is just darling! I so admire anyone with mechanical skills. Your son did a fantastic job on the playset.

  3. The tutu is darling and I love the play structure. It sounds like you raised your children well, it shows when your children grow up and repeat the things that they saw at home.
    Have a lovely day,
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. You have such a handy family. That tutu is just adorable, and what an impressive play set. I don't have kids but I'd like a go on it myself!

  5. The little tutu outfit is just precious. She'll be the prettiest lass on St. Patrick's Day in that!
    Bobby did a great job on the playset!
    I used to love to make and bake with my mom. I did the same with my kids. I think creativity is one of the best ways to enjoy your kids!

  6. Such a cute tutu. Is the playset for Baby E?

  7. Your offspring are talented, just like someone else I know of. :o) Must have learned it from you along the way. The tutu is a-dor-able!

  8. Hi Rhonda,
    What busy little bee. Baby E is getting so big.
    Have a wonderful week.


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