If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cookie can + oilcloth = booster chair for a big toddler

Have you been wondering about this project?  
Well,  I finished them and have a grandchild to model for the picture, so here it is!
I am very happy with how they turned out.  

Gavin on one of the new booster seats.  

I started with 2 large cookie cans, 1 yard of oilcloth and it was just about the right  amount  to cover 2.
I also used masking tape, batting and E6000 glue.

In case you are wondering if a cookie can is sturdy enough for a child to sit on,  yes they are!
My fully grown daughter tried sitting on one and it held her just fine,  
Yes,  I should of taken a picture of Nina on the cookie can!
First, I covered the cans with batting scraps and some old baby things that Nina was getting rid of.  (you all know I do things thrifty whenever possible.)
 I am sure there are much better tutorials to upholster at many other blogs, this is just the simple way I did them.  You might want to look into more detailed instructions than mine........
cut 2 circles about an inch bigger than the cans.
Also cut a long piece about an inch bigger on all edges to go around the base.
I used pins but just in the very edge so the pin-holes would not show 

I machine-sewed the first circle to the long piece,  and also used the machine to attach  the 2 ends of the  long piece.
Then I turned it right side out and put it on the cookie can.
I used more masking tape to pull the oilcloth tight around the can.
Then I attached the bottom oilcloth piece with E6000 glue to seal everything in.

a bear tries the chair

just the booster.
My photos are not good but I think you can get the idea.

These are not approved by the child safety commission but I think they are fine for older toddlers .

I got the oilcloth at Joanns Fabric store in my town.  


  1. What a great idea!! They turned out great and look much easier to store than the big bulky store bought ones

  2. That is such a neat ideal!!! I have alot of those tins because you just don't know when you might need one. If and when I get grandkids I will have to remember this!

  3. This is a wonderful idea. My mom occasionally needs a booster seat when her great-niece visits. I am sure I have some of the cookie tins so it will be quite frugal.

  4. Very nice! And it sure beats the Sears catalog or phone book that we used when I was a kid! ha.

  5. I love the way they came out! I'm with Betsy, I spent a few years sitting on a telephone book!

  6. You are so creative! What a great idea. I gotta save that one!

  7. Great idea Rhonda! I know the grands will love them!!

  8. Love this! Sure beats the two phone books I used before I had a child of my own. :)

  9. That is a clever idea, Rhonda! It looks great too!!!

  10. So cute but I want to see Nina on that booster chair...lol. You are just so clever!

    Hugs from Holland ~


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