If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Backyard improvements

Jeff took some vacation days from his job and spent much of it doing improvements to our back yard.  

Like all of our neighbors, our yard has a 6 foot privacy fence around the back part.
He spent several days converting one of the front sections into a double gate.

Now that we have a gate,  he can drive his pick-up into the back yard .
That is especially handy when he has a load to drop off......

Like this wood he used to put a roof on this pergola that has been in our backyard since we bought the house.

It had slats in the roof part but they gave no shade or protection from rain.
This picture is in the middle of the roof construction.

It is finished now but I am not going to climb up on that ladder to take a picture of it.
just take my word, OK?

He also took apart and cleaned out the Rubbermaid storage building in the back yard.
Then he made a new higher foundation for it and put it all back together.  

The next plan is to do some kind of paved surface under and around that pergola- either poured concrete or maybe pavers.

I only assisted a little - and mostly just kept his Iced Tea mug full.
But I sure am glad to have all these jobs done!


  1. Replies
    1. I do have great sons but Jeff is my husband.

  2. All those projects look great! People have suggested a pergola for when we redo our deck but if we do anything overhead, I really want it to provide some protection from the elements. I've noticed others with roofs too, which is a great idea!

  3. When we built our fence we made a gate large enough to drive into the backyard. I am so happy we did! Great job on all your projects!

  4. It will be a nice outside area for you all when it is complete. I can imagine you and your family sitting out and sipping on iced tea with the grands playing in the yard.

  5. Wow, your husband is very talented!

  6. How nice to have someplace to sit out of the elements!! Love when my hubby gets busy on the big stuff.


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