If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, July 30, 2012

Frugal doings in July

July has not really seemed like a frugal month with the air conditioner running almost non-stop
and the prices of everything at the store going up .
There were some frugal doings though.  
I've dried  many loads of laundry outside.  I really prefer to finish in the dryer but it is so hot,   I just hate to turn on the clothes dryer.
Most loads are drying outside in about 30 minutes - that is probably faster too.

and you tell I am not running up the water bill by doing much outdoor watering either......

raised by Gavin and Braeden's other grandparents
 it was as delicious as it looks too!

Hand-me-down playhouse that Nina got from another family at church.  They passed it on to us as their children have outgrown it and it was passed to them from another family.
Gavin and Elizabeth are already enjoying it and little Andie says she will be playing in it with them as soon as she can.

I was hoping to find one at a yard sale this summer so I am really happy to have one given to us.  

One of two piles of flower bed pavers we got from a neighbor who was getting rid of them.  

this is one of 3 rose bushes we bought at Aldi 2 springs ago.
It has bloomed like this 3 times,  more than 50 pretty yellow roses each time.
I think the bushes were $3.97.

Several months ago 
I bought 3 different scents of aromatherapy lotions and body sprays at Bath and Body Works,  
I really like 2 of them and noticed that they were 1/2 gone already.  
Since I don't like the 3rd scent and Bath and Body Works has a satisfaction guarantee,  
I returned  that unliked lotion and spray and traded them for a scent I will use.  
 It was a very easy transaction and I am really glad I did it.  

Theo likes a new brand of dog treats called Waggin Train.  
The small bags sell for about $2 and their was a recent news paper coupon on Waggin Train treats for $3 off 2 packs.  
I've already used the coupons from my papers and ordered a dozen more coupons from an Ebay dealer for just about $1.  
I don't seem to use a large number of coupons anymore but when there is a coupon deal like that good on items we use,  I like to look on Ebay for additional coupons.  

We went to Texas for a short trip and I stayed at my parents for a couple days. 
I helped my mom do some cleaning out of her clothes and craft supplies.  
We put a lot of her castoffs in their garage sale and organized everything she did keep. 
 I brought home 4 storage tubs of her unwanted and extra fabric and quilt supplies.

Mom and I also wear the same size shoes.  
She cannot wear the styles she used to so I brought home dozens of pairs of nice shoes and boots.  

I cooked all meals at home this month except for meals we ate on the road.
I really think most eating out is over-rated.  and way too salty!

I continue to clean out cabinets and closets and have another growing pile of stuff to give away 
If none of my friends or family take it all,  
I will be offering it on our local facebook "free" site or taking it to a thrift store.

how about you?  Has July been kind or harsh to your bank account?  


  1. Rhonda, that is great that you got to help your mom with decluttering and you got some new shoes and the fabric and supplies!!! You also are really doing good with making use of the items people no longer want. At church where my sister goes a lady gave her gobs of boys clothes and then Miranda would take them back and give them to another family at church to use. Pass it on! What part of Texas or where do your parents live? My nephew is in Campwood. The roses are beautiful! Take Care!

  2. What a nice playhouse! Our neighbors gave us a Little Tikes climbing gym with slide which the kiddos have been enjoying--their grandchildren no longer used it.

    July was not quite as frugal and saving as we would like, with vacation and all but we're settling back in and hope to get back to our frugal ways in August!

  3. July is always harsh on our checking account. Our wedding anniversary and my husband's birthday are in July. Add in the fact that we're still working on home improvements for our new home in OK... I wrote a rather large check for the labor portion of having our stairs redone (beautiful wood treads to replace the nasty, filthy carpet). Yikes! is all I have to say!

    Your roses are gorgeous. And I'm kind of envying your clothesline. I love to air dry my clothes, but I have yet to do it outdoors. I just set up drying racks inside the house. But I'd love to dry diapers outside instead of in the dryer. I have all-in-one diapers, which means multiple layers, and they just don't air dry fast enough in the house. I'd have to set up racks for days, and I need the diapers for actual use before they dry naturally!

  4. That playhouse was a wonderful blessing. Sure the grandbabies will get lots of use out of it.

    July was the worst spending month in about 2 years. Lots we needed, but lots more that could have been left at the stores. Between our anniversary and my son needing a new to him car(we gifted the money, decided giving for what they need, instead of just giving, is better), I do believe we spent more this month then the last 2 years. We did finally buy a chest freezer and quickly filled it up. Hoping I will not need to step into another store for at least the month of August...we will see.

    More about the money gifts. All three kids(young adults, 18-24) have been "hitting" us up for money. Guess they think we are rich now that we no longer pay child support. Well we learned the oldest daughter was giving money to her "will not get a job" fiance. She let that one slip after my simple question of "are you taking extra trips with all this gas money?" Well, needless to say if any of them need money, we will decide yes or no, and if yes, fill up their tank ourselves or write a check to the college etc. No more cash!!!!

    blessings, jilly

  5. nice post thanks for sharing i found you thrue other followers looking for to visit more blessings across the miles

  6. I always wondered how easy that B&B would work to exchange. Sometimes the smells just aren't for me.

  7. How wonderful that the playhouse gets handed down!

    Yes, between the AC and watering my veggie garden it really doesn't feel like I'm saving much money this summer.

    Lovely rose! I'll have to pay attention next time I see Aldi advertise them. I have an Aldi 15 min from my house so I have no excuse :)

  8. Our summer has been an out flow of money. The spending seems to be non stop, fall can't come soon enough!!! How fun to have folks/family to pass gently used items too and from. Your rose is lovely, need to add a yellow rose to my wish list for next spring

  9. Hi the waggin train dog treats are on recall please google them , the stores are still selling them but please beware thanks

  10. My favorite posts that you share. Always lots of frugal goodness, Rhonda.

  11. Hi Rhonda,
    I won't even go there. Between children being here and the big wedding I shutter to think about what we have spent. Miss Candi sent Theo some coupons to aid in his quest to get more treats. LOL

  12. Hi Rhonda,
    Actually yes, July has been harsh on my bank account. I flew to Idaho on a very expensive ticket, the most I have ever paid for a one way ticket, but I did not know when I would be able to return and I had to have it immediately. Other than that, our central air conked out and we had to buy a completely new unit and it has been going continuously this month. OUr temps are not as high as Oklahoma's are, but still in the 90's and it doesn't cool down at night much.
    You have been busy with lots going on, and I totally agree regarding eating out. If I eat out much I am longing for vegetables and yes, everything is WAY too salty.
    Sometimes I remind myself that God is good and He's good to us all of the time and He knows what each day will bring, then he brings us through it.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Cindy

  13. I think the summer months are hard. Sure, there's fresh produce (much cheaper if you garden or get some from someone), but other than that there's air or pool chemicals (which is where our $$ has been spent as we don't have air). Traveling costs and eating on the road add up too, and really shouldn't be missed, as it is travel season; so yeah, summer is hard on the budget. Looks to me that you've done a super job of being frugal, yet enjoying summer!

  14. I love that you received all the goodies from the playhouse to the shoes and fabric! July and August are always hard on us because I spend more in July on necessitates. Just seems that there is always someone with their hand out wanting my money!


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