If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, June 26, 2014

At home this week.....

Thursday already?  this week has been flying by.....

We have been getting lots of rain.  I went out this morning to see if my pots of plants needed watered, they didn't, but I did find about  dozen cherry tomatoes ready to pick.  They would not all fit in my hand so I put them in my apron pockets.  

On Tuesday,  I did a little shopping.  At my favorite thrift store,  I found this back of the door rack for $4.  I had been looking at them online and they sell new for $25 or more.  This one is very sturdy and my husband will add some anchors to the top to make it secure to the door. 
I've read about Dukes mayo but have never seen it for sale in Oklahoma.  Well,  Dollar Tree sells it now, in little 8 ounce jars,  for $1.  It really is the best tasting mayo I've ever tried so I bought more.  I made pimento cheese and deviled eggs with it Saturday - 

Tuesday was a primary election day in Oklahoma.  For 2 of the races,  I liked both leading candidates.  But 2 other races,  I didn't care for any of the candidates.  At least for now,  the negative political  ads are taking a break on TV and online

the first zinnias planted are most all in bloom and just look so happy!

I've been reading a book called "all you need is less" and learned that the Downy fabric softener I have used for 30 years has some ewwwwww ingredients.  So, I bought some Mrs Meyers, both liquid and sheets, in lavender.  They smell so clean and soften the laundry just as good as the ewwww products.  
They do cost more but I don't care.  
yes  I have tried vinegar and the Diy softener made from hair conditioner in the past but was not happy with the results.  We have hard, full of lime water in Oklahoma, that famous homemade laundry soap does not work for me either.

I ended up having today free as one of my grandson's is sick so I decided to do a thorough cleaning of our 2 fridges from top to bottom, inside and outside.   I took everything out and put it in ice chests, then I removed the shelves and drawers to wash them and I sprayed down all the surfaces and wiped them until they were clean.
I also took of the papers and photos on the fronts and left nothing on the top but 2 baskets.  One basket holds washcloths to clean up grands when they are messy and the other holds zipper bags that get reused.

yes, there are a dozen ice trays.  the ice maker quit about  a month ago so I just make ice the old fashioned way.  I empty and refill every morning and it is not much effort at all.  We like lots of ice!
I sorted the condiments- all the peppers are in one door basket, 
 and salsas in one, salad dressings in another. 
trust me, both appliances needed cleaning and I am so happy they are sparkling clean, for now anyway. 

bye for now......I hope you are enjoying this first official week of summer 2014.


  1. My allergist told me about the nasty chemicals in softeners 25 years ago. We actually don't use any type of softener and have very hard well water, too. I actually think our fabrics are softer than when we used softeners.

  2. A pleasantly busy day! Never heard of that mayo...it needs to make it's way to Ohio for this Mayo girl! haha.

    I love fabric softener, too....I'm sure my store brand dryer sheets have icky things in them, too. ha. I'll have to look!

  3. You had a productive day my friend! Those cherry tomatoes look YUMMY!!!!!! I use a lot of ice and I also use the trays. Our ice maker quit about 3 yrs ago. Well, should say it sprung a leak onto my closet floor and we just undid it then.

  4. Oh I just cleaned my fridge and the produce bins too! I can't believe how much produce I let go to waste. I haven't had that problem for a very long time as I try not to waste anything. I guess I've just been too busy for too long.

    It looks like your garden is doing well. Mine is not doing well this year. I think I've got too many pests (ants and sowbugs). I've been reading up on how to get rid of them but so far I haven't done anything. At least the new flowers in the ground are doing better than usual but everything else, not so good. Good that you found some mayo at the right price and that you know what works for you with the other things. Sometimes you just have to spend the money to get the things that work.

    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Great find on the rack! $4.00.. wow! Looks great too! :)

  6. Oh, Lucky you to find that great door rack. I inherited one (smaller) a few years ago and love it. I wish mine was as large as yours. Great thing to find at thrift store - they can be pricey. My daughter-in-law is from South Carolina and raves about the Dukes mayo. Your fridge cleaning is something I need to copy. Pat yourself on the back! Hope it didn't mess up your pretty manicured nails :)

  7. Yum.... fresh tomatoes! My tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes but it will be a while before they start to turn. You would think politicians would realize by now how much of a turn off all the negative ads are. Ugh! I love a clean frig/freezer. You want to come do mine?!

  8. What a great idea to put your reusable baggies in a picnic basket. Gonna steal that idea! We have had Duke's for as long as I can remember in GA. Lots of people won't touch anything else here.I have one of those over the door things on my linen closet door- it is great to hold light bulbs, flash lights, and things like that. Space is prime in this old house! Angela

  9. Wanna come clean mine? lol I also use ice trays; the farmer thinks that sooner or later an ice maker will leak, and since I have wooden floors in the kitchen, he won't run water to the frig. We recently bought Rubbermaid trays, and they dump very easily!

  10. Your fridge and frezzers look great!! I need to deep clean mine as well, so much to do, so little time :)

  11. You have tomatoes already! That is awesome!

    Nothing like a clean fridge ! ( well, I vaguely remember having one at some point a month or so ago, lol..they don't stay clean and organized for long, it seems ! )

  12. Congratulations on discovering Duke's. I live in the Deep South and it has been my only mayonnaise forever. Glad the secret is getting out. Now if I could just make myself tackle the fridge and the big freezer. I really need to do both immediately because it is just about time to start filling it for winter. Hoping you will inspire me!

  13. I'm originally from SC and can vouch for Duke's mayo being the best! I live in Canada now, so when I was home for my sister's wedding in March, I brought a huge jar of it home with me!

    We use lots of ice too. I fill my glass with ice, then add my drink. My Canadian friends laugh, because they fill their drink, then add a couple cubes of ice. I totally understand 12 ice trays!

  14. My little brother is a Duke's fanatic, which I always thought was hilarious. He was 13 and making sure I was using the right mayo for his sandwiches. :) I love your over-the-door rack. It's amazing how helpful those are to getting (and staying) organized. My mom and I just went to a few yard sales this morning. I don't think I ended up with anything, but my 2-yr-old did get a few DVDs and clothes. It's amazing how much you can get with only a few dollars in your pocket!

  15. For you to find Duke's in Oklahoma means it may find its way to Montana! YIPPIE!!! My sister still sends me Duke's in the mail because she knows how I feel about it. Heinz makes mayonnaise that is almost like Duke's and that is what we have been using since we moved. I make our ice using filtered water, since we still can not get over the weird water that is here. We have an ice maker, but the ice cubes are brown from the icky water and I just can't give that grossness to my family.

  16. Hello dear. Was just looking at my fridge and thinking that I'll clean it after the Sabath. I have my grandchildren's photos on the fridge and nothing else. I've tried to keep it neat looking. On top I keep a cake carrier and a basket that we put loaf bread in. The basket looks neater than just the bread sitting there.
    Gracious I am tired this afternoon. I went out to the shed and spied huge big blackberries and started picking them. I didn't have on an apron so grabbed a flower pot that was handy, lol. I got about a pint in less than 15 minutes. I expect I'll go out and check again this weekend to see if I can find a few more.

  17. The Honey and I got to spend a little bit of time in the garden this afternoon. I noticed more tomatoes-Yay! I was happy. We are still getting blooms on the green beans and still getting green beans a little at a time. I had to dig the potatoes too...the grasshoppers are starting to get to them and the rain we've had wasn't helping them.
    I recently read about Dukes Mayo too. :/ I can't remember where. I'll be making the switch to Mayo instead of Salad dressing. The Next time I'm near Dollar Tree-- I'll try to remember to buy a jar and give it a try. Not too big on Mayo.
    Since my diagnosis-- I've tried to keep boiled eggs in the fridge for snacking mid afternoon-- deviled eggs sound wonderful.
    I need to clean my fridge-- maybe tomorrow.
    I like the baskets on top... keeps it looking clean and tidy.
    ...have a nice weekend, Pat

  18. Cleaning my frig is on the list for this next week. After having company last weekend and the extra kids this past week, it's needing some TLC. I have some cut-up fruit to blend and make into popsicles so I don't have to toss it. We don't have Dukes mayo here, but if I think of it next time I'm down south, I'll pick up a jar. I'd like to make my own mayonnaise one day and see how we like it.

  19. Thanks for the insight on the homemade laundry products. I'd been tempted to try it but as a fellow Okie I was skeptical if it'd be worth my time. Sounds like no. :)

    We also have 2 fridges in our kitchen, though not side by side because they won't fit. I have got to get a system set up so I remember which fridge has what in it. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Karla, about the 2 fridges, I try to put different things in them. The big one is mostly for the basics and food we eat everyday, the smaller fridge most,y gets used for single drinks, leftovers and overflow of produce.
      Sometimes they are organized and sometimes they are just filled up however stuff will fit :)

  20. Boy, you sure were a busy little lady! The fridges look great...there's nothing like a clean fridge! We have lots of ice cube trays too...no automatic maker... so I completely understand! We go through a ton of ice...especially when we are working outside!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Sweet blessings,


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