If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I'm doing this week

The pattern blocks found at a yard sale are for children but I've been enjoying them too.  It is relaxing fitting the shapes together, kind of like quilt making.
Our $5 bucket contained 2 kinds of pattern blocks, the shapes and colors are the same but the ones in the bucket are wood and the ones on the table are plastic.

Thanks to Tammy and Pam, I found some free printable sheets for the grand children.  Thank you both!

Reading - the devotions book was from a church rummage sale and I won the "all you need is less" book from a blog giveaway.
To do list and bills to pay- I've been busy all morning but with other random things and have not crossed a single thing off of today's list, yet, but I plan to! 

I am sad and disturbed about what is going on in the Middle East and the Central American children immigrating alone 
I have no answers and no blame - I don't want to talk politics either, that gets too ugly

But I am so thankful to live in the USA.  So, I decked out the dining room with some our patriotic things...
I found the window bunting at a thrift store for $1.50.  My mom made the little quilt by the door and the doilies. I made or probably thrifted the rest.
A very simple arrangement- just little flags in a jar.

Also on to do list is a trip to the post office to mail a letter and 2 small packages off. 

Supper will be stuffed Bell Peppers and a green salad.

What is going on in your home? 


  1. You are all ready for the 4th of July :)

    1. Yes I am, and it not really very far away either.

  2. Your red, white, & blue decorations look so festive!


  3. I think Patriotic stuff is great...it seems to be perfect for the holidays that stretch from Memorial Day to Veterans Day!

    I have a few more things to do on today's list before everything is crossed off myself!

  4. Your decorations look great.
    If I did not know the God of the Bible, I would not want to get up in the morning. As the world gets more evil, I cling to the knowledge that God is still on his throne and is in control.

  5. Love your decorations! Our neighbor was here helping us move the buffet yesterday and he was talking about the news and he just kept shaking his head. He looked right at me and asked what has this world become? Yes there are problems over there, but in reality we have issues here as well. With our son now being a news reporter for one of the local TV stations, he gets nervous when they send him on a story about another shooting or stabbing. There is so much more violence now than there ever was. It is becoming a sad world.

  6. I love to hear all the little happenings and busyness going on in your home. My week is filled with physical therapy, yoga class, thrifting date with a friend, tree trimming guy coming out (that was this morning), lots of errands, and working on a cleaning out/purging project in the basement.

  7. It looks lovely in your dining room! :)

    As to iraq and the middle east my son was in iraq 2x / my FB feed is full of his friends and fellow veterans being upset / the situation is hard / my grandson was named for one that did not come back :(

    There's no easy answer to these things


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