If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

3 parties 3 days in a row

Party #1

Grand daughter Elizabeth turned 4 and her parents hosted a magical Frozen party for her, complete with the "real" Elsa and Anna. All the children believed they were the real royalty anyway.
The princesses are actually actresses from a company in Oklahoma City and made the party special in many ways.
The food table - the water bottles are labeled "melted snowman" 
The blue drink is Hawaiin Punch and was a favorite of the children party goers. 

Treats were kisses, special chocolate bars and some blue glittered goo that is not messy at all. 

The princesses visited with everyone, lead the games, signed autographs on the children's colored pictures and sang songs.

They also posed for lots of photos and were smiling the whole time.  

Party #2

This was a birthday party for daughter Nina, hosted by her brothers. The meal was 3 trays of entrees from Olive Garden and a fruit tray and salad. All I did was make a loaf of bread in the ABM machine.
One of their coworkers named Jessica baked this pretty cake. It was lemon layers with blackberry filling and delicious! 
Sweet little girls in party dresses
One of her gifts was this vintage book - it had a gift card inside.

This beach wreath was bought from LLBean- it is really pretty. 
After the gifts were unwrapped, the little ones had the most fun with a sheet of bubble wrap.

Party #3
My Uncle Rex turns 93 this month and there was a big party at his retirement home for him and the other 5 June birthday residents.  About 40 of his relatives attended and my mother said it was more fun than any of the recent family reunions. One of my cousins sang, she picked some sweet songs from the 30s and 40s and some patriotic songs. Another cousin accompanied her on the piano. 

sadly, I did not take a camera so I don't have photos of this event.

My Uncle Rex is quite a man. He was a Sailor during WWII. His ship was sunk and he spent 3 days in the middle of the Pacific Ocean before the rescue ship arrived. His wife and daughter both died young and he raised his only grandson alone.
Now he is a champion pie maker and bakes a pie almost everyday and shares them with his neighbors. 

There are even more June birthdays for family yet to be  - but I don't think any of them will have parties quite like these. 


  1. Wow! You HAVE been busy! Fun to see how each party was so special and personal for each person. The little story about your Uncle Rex fascinates me. I love that he makes and shares his pies. Nice to hear from you again.

  2. What a fun month you are having and only the begining!! The frozen party is just cute as can be

  3. Sounds like you've been busy! We're celebrating two birthdays and Father's Day all at once on Sunday.

  4. What a fun Frozen birthday for Elizabeth! Silas loves Elsa and would be enthralled to meet her in real life. :)
    Nina is a lucky girl to have her brothers plan a party for her!

  5. I'm telling on myself... I have no clue about Frozen. :) I'm sure Elizabeth enjoyed it. Three birthday parties right in a row, sounds exciting. Hearing about your uncle is exciting for me because I love WWII history; I had a great uncle killed on the USS Quincy. I love hearing about those who served our country during that time. How exciting he is baking pies.

    1. Lori, my uncle was on the USS Gambier

    2. Thanks for this link. I'll be visiting it.

  6. I'd like a slice of his pie for breakfast, please! :)

    I just cracked up at the bubble wrap...:)

    Such a nice time you've been having with family...and that Frozen party is a memory maker for sure. How special; she'll never forget it !

    1. It was really funny how much fun they had stomping on the bubble wrap- moments like that make me wonder why we ever buy toys anyway?

  7. You have been busy! I love that frozen themed party! What a sweet idea! Your uncle seems like a stellar guy too! Thanks so much for Sharing and linking up to the Feature Friday Linky Party!

    Danielle @ Blissful & Domestic


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