If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Melanie said she likes to read posts about everyday things so I think she will like this one.....
She has a really sweet blog 
http://comfyhouse.blogspot.com and she writes about busyness at home, thrifting, family - a lot like I do.   
My husband requested striped Jello. I used 4 boxes of sugar free.
Just make one batch at a time and pour into containers, chill until set up and then make another batch. Just keep adding layers until the containers are full.
I think these are peach, lemon, orange and strawberry. It looks more impressive if the flavors are different colors but I just used what was in the pantry. 
He will like these, especially on days when he spends a lot of time in the heat

I left home before 8 this morning, I tried to do my shopping and errands before it got too hot. 
I took a big ice chest and put the perishables in it as I made different stops.  It was especially nice when I got home, I knew all the groceries were fine and I was able to sit for a bit and eat lunch and not rush putting the groceries away. 
I think I will take that ice chest and the milk jug full of frozen water every time I shop this summer. 

Shopping - I bought about everything on my list except for window cleaner.  I have not been happy with the homemade cleaners I have tried in the past but the book I am reading - see the previous post- has inspired me to try again.  I'll let you know how it goes.

My last stop was the nail salon- I got a pale pink for summer. 
My son was in town, bringing a trial exhibit he built to his brother. I was happy he has time to come visit me too. 

Supper was homemade pizza and a big salad.

Grandchildren will be here tomorrow and I think they will be so excited to play in this pool from Aldi.
Grandpa blew it up this evening with an air compressor and put enough water in it to keep it from blowing away.  There is a water spray that hangs down from the rainbow and it will get more water as the children play.

How was your Wednesday?


  1. I love Jello! And this is so pretty! Perfect for summer.
    My Wednesday afternoon was spent raking hay; Jello would have tasted wonderful when I got home. :)

  2. That jello reminds me of a ribbon jello that I used to make. The pool looks as if it will be an absolute blast! :)

  3. Hubby is in for a treat with the jello. Perfect for these hot days. We are thinking alike about the heat - I head out early, too, if it's going to be a hot day, and last summer I started taking my cooler with me whenever I grocery shopped. I usually do all my shopping on one day, and it is great to be able to take my time and stop wherever I want. The pool looks like a hit for sure and your nails are lovely.

  4. Rhonda the jello sounds so good and looks so pretty. I want to swim too. I need to shop and do some freezer cooking but have been procrastinating. Glad all is doing well.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  5. I leave early when I go run errands/get groceries too. It helps with the heat but also so I can get everything done before I go to work! The milk jug of ice is a good idea for getting groceries when it's so hot!

    That pool is pretty awesome looking! Hope the grands get to enjoy it soon!

  6. Pretty nails! I saw that pool at Aldis and told Allen we should get it for Teigan for next year. Looks like a lot of fun for kids.


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