If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, April 9, 2016

CVS, fruit and a 2 year old turns 3 and gets a haircut

I made a second trip to CVS this past week  and again I'm very happy to buy so much for just about $3.00 cash 

3 bags of diapers
2 large sodas
2 Dawn dish soap
Easter egg full of tattoos for next year- 75% off
1 Biore
And 6 bottles of bleach (almost a year's supply) 

Reasons why I use Bleach.  - this article explains it  Living On A Dime

I scanned my CVS card and the red kiosk until it quit giving coupons- kept giving different coupons for 6 tries and then it stopped
I used newspaper coupons, CVS coupons and ExtraCareBucks from previous purchases. 
Total dropped from $66.ish to $3.61. 

The receipt says it was a 95% savings. 

And I got more ExtraCareBucks for my next trip to CVS. 

We had a birthday party to go to tonight and we offered to bring fresh fruit.  My daughter was trying to not use silverware at this party so I thought to put the fruit on skewers.
We got the fruit on sale so this turned out to be a thrifty dish.
My husband helped me skewer the fruit.  It went fast and I was glad all our fruit was firm,  I think squishy fruit might fall off the sticks.  
The skewers were very popular at the party and they were so easy for people to just pick up 1 or 2, much quicker than serving multiple fruits on a tray.  

If you want to see fancy skewers, look on Pinterest. 
Ours were very simple, just grapes bought for 99 cents a pound, strawberries for 1.19 a pound and the pineapple was $1.49.  
A pack of 100 long skewers sells for $.99 at Walmart.  
I serve fresh fruit often and I'll definitely be doing fruit skewers again.  

JJ is our April birthday boy.  Yes,  he did get a major haircut, a miscommunication with the fill-in stylist. It was a bit of a shock but he is still very cute
And hair and little boys both grow very fast.  


  1. What an adorable boy with his big boy haircut.
    I love seeing your CVS deals I shop there but don't do as good as you do. Maybe some day!

  2. Wow! I am so impressed by your bargains at CVS!!! Oh, I do LOVE bargains like this! I am trying to be more intentional with things like this. CVS does have some wonderful deals, and the extra bucks are just a great incentive to keep us going back! LOL! Thank you for sharing your heart and life here. I love the fruit skewers, too. God bless you with a wonderful Lord's Day!

  3. What a sweet photo of your grandson on his birthday! I love your idea for the fruit skewers.

  4. Fruit skewers are always fun! Grapes for $0.99... that is awesome. I haven't seen that price around here in a long time. I have been passing up the grapes for months. I always enjoy seeing your CVS shopping tip.

  5. Rhonda. ok..I need to seriously look into this CVS thing! So much going on here at OakPlace, but I MUST make time to check out all this bounty in coupon-land, Thankyou for keeping this in the foreground..Oh, congrats on your first harvest of lettuces...we got 5" of snow this weekend, but our gardens will come later, Yes Lord!......Deedy

  6. What a great idea on the fruit kabobs! I think I will bring some of these to our next family gathering.

  7. I love the idea of fruit skewers. Happy birthday to your grandson! He's seriously adorable!

  8. Well JJ looks quite handsome and grown up with his haircut.
    Your fruit skewers prompted me to plan a "make your own skewer" snack for the kids this week. Yum!

  9. J.J. is so cute. Looks like a fun birthday.

  10. Fruit kabobs are something I often have the very youngest 4H members make, but I haven't done it for a long time. Good reminder! Maybe I'll try it with my nephew since the 4H year has concluded for us early this year, due to my move. You are right--soft things, like bananas, just fall apart. Apples, orange slices, cantaloupe and watermelon chunks (if not too ripe), as well as the strawberries, grapes and pineapple work well. That was a great thing for a birthday party--so festive.

  11. Hello!
    I adore your space here!
    I am your newest follower, and look forward to many more visits.
    And...I love your background. : )
    Have a cozy day!


  12. Happy Birthday JJ! He is adorable!
    I went to CVS and got some deals...just a few but it's a start! I use bleach also. In fact I'm cleaning my sinks and counter tops this morning with it. Works great. Have a great day!

  13. So first of all...
    I haven't been to your blog in a while. I love the pyrex loaves of bread at the top! I'm familiar with all the patterns you have there! I also own the blue and the print.. (can't remember the name)
    My youngest daughter is expecting her fourth and has quite her job to be at home...she is back to her powershopping, I call it. and couponing. I think she is following you on IG. She is doing some of your deals too!

  14. What a cutie pie your grandson is! And I am jealous of your frugal finds. I will have to try harder to bargain hunt, everytime I visit your blog I tell myself that haha. :)

  15. Oh, I love the fruit skewers idea! Such a simple thing, but it just makes life a little easier. :) Need to remember that next time we have a large group over and serve fruit.

    And your grandson is a cutie!

  16. You hit a jackpot of savings for a little over $3. Fantastic. The party looked great as your sweet lil guy is so cute.



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